Paint Me African

I am not the absence of light,
Nor a pigment of your
Imagination .
I am not a fiction,
Neither am I a tale,
I am a story to be believed in.

I am a blessing not a blemish,
My colour is uncommon,
It is a mixture of God’s proclamation and pure Nature.

I am not a mixture of melanin,
Neither am a creature of many colours,

I am pure DNA,
My originality speaks volumes,
My qualities carries tons of weight for I am Black.

I am not a static piece of art to be exhibited in a gallery,
Rather I’m a bird that is let out to soar high in its destination to greatness.

I am not the absence of light,
Neither am I a pigment of your imagination;
Whenever you pick your
Pen, pencils and drawing equipment,
Don’t paint me brown, yellow, blue, white, velvet, red or pink,


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