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Nma (Part 20)

Continued from the last part…

I’m in Ted’s house! I can’t believe how big it is. When Lina said he was filthy rich, I didn’t know she meant this filthy. I jumped on my soft woolly bed, so soft, I wanted to see Monica

I stood up and went to his room which was at the last floor in this castle mansion. Wow! It was so beautiful, everything was pure white and silver, not a spot of dirt. I walked to his queen size bed.

“So this is Monica,” I thought as I touched her. It was a water bed, sure he needed a king-sized bed, but this was his sister’s, she smelt like cinnamon, just like him. I walked to the vase on the night table, his room was filled with them.

Jesus! This thing heavy o, who make this ‘shit for body if you carry am’ vase?

“What are you doing in my room?” His voice startled me.

“Ermm…I wanted to see Monica,” I said nervously. Na towel he tie o! Nma don’t look down, keep your eyes on his face, keep your eyes on his face. He smiled

“Isn’t she beautiful?” he asked smiling at the bed, I suddenly became jealous of a bed, I nodded reluctantly.

“This vase is heavy,” I said changing the topic, he chuckled and walked to the vase, he lifted it up with one finger. Show off.

“They all belonged to my second eldest brother,” he said sadly. “A lot of my things belongs to them.”

“Didn’t they have families?” I asked sympathetically sitting on the bed, he sniffed and smiled painfully.

“All died in the crash.” No wonder he was so obsessed with their things, I tapped the space beside me, he walked weakly to it and sat down.

“Tell me about them,” I said softly entwining our fingers, he smiled.

“The eldest was Talula, God she was bossy, she loved partying and fashion, she was also the queen of neatville, she was beautiful and loved orderliness too. Next is Timothy, he was way too serious and self-centered, his wives were his work and car. Then Carter, always loud and fighting with Talula, he owned all the vases, he loved pottery and wood carving, he was very fun and creative, always there for you when you needed one. Next is Cornelius, a slay king and club freak, hated school and reality, but very caring, generous and funny, there’s never a dull day with him and finally Carabel, owner of Monica, she was my best friend and food buddy, we did everything together, there’s nothing about me she didn’t know. Well didn’t, she loved ice sculpting and ice scathing, she’s…’ He broke into tears, I hugged him, letting him cry in my arms.


Ted spent a whole week at home with me, we got to know each other more and I can swear that I loved this guy a lot. He finally resumed work after much pressure from me. The door bell rang and I went to open it, a lady stood there with a travelling bag

“Who are you?” she asked snobbishly.

“I should ask you that,” I said seething l’y.

“I’m Teddison’s fiancée, what are you doing in my fiancée house?” My heart froze, he can’t have a fiancée too, not again. I can’t surrender another guy. “Answer me,” she snapped. If Ted had a fiancée, Leon and Lina would know and his mom wouldn’t want me so bad, I spoke to her two days ago on phone and she kept calling me her daughter in-law.

“You must be one of the whores trying to snatch my husband away from me,” I said angrily.

“Husband?” she asked confusedly.

“Matthew!” I yelled to the assistant head of security in the house, the head always goes with Ted. They all loved me, I made sure of that. He ran in and I gave him a quick ‘play along’ look, he bowed. “Why did you let this scumbag into my husband’s house?” I asked scornfully, I saw him smile a little before putting on a scared face.

“I’m sorry ma’am, she comes here a lot so…”

“So what! A lady walked into my house with a bag and you didn’t stop her, is this what Ted does when I’m away?” I asked with simulated anger. As if God was planning it, two cars drove in, Ted’s mom, Mrs. Trina Gaines walked out happily with her guards.

“My baby,” she squealed. See as God take butter my bread. I started shedding fake tears, she gasped and ran to me. “My darling what happened? Matthew?”

“This lady says she’s Ted’s fiancée, mom, how is that possible? I thought I was his wife” I said bitterly. She also calls me my son’s wife, so it was easy.

“Of course you are. Lady, who are you?” she snarled at the girl, she was shaking in fear.


“Get out of here right now before I wrap you up in shiny wrappers and take you to a nursery school where I can tell the children that you’re a talking piñata,” she huffed. Matthew and a hunky man who I think was her chief body guard laughed a little and bit their lips. Ted was just like his mom, she scurried away with her bags.” Nonsense. ”

I wiped my tears, Matthew winked at me and I chuckled secretly.


“So that’s why he hasn’t slept with a girl,” Trina, explained, she had been telling me a lot about Ted’s embarrassing childhood, we cooked and played a lot of games. She loved video and board games, just like Ted

“I see,” was the only thing I said before Ted walked in tiredly, his eyes widened at seeing his mom. “Welcome,” I smiled returning my gaze to the photo album on my laps.

“What the fuck mom! You didn’t show her all those pictures,” he exclaimed, I laughed, he ran to me and yanked the album away. “Why do you always have to embarrass me?” he groaned.

“Because I’m your mom and that’s my niche. Now go take a quick shower, I made apple pie and I taught her the secret recipe,” she said sweetly, he grinned totally forgetting why he was angry in the first place.


After dinner of pie and burnt pot roast, courtesy of moi, Trina dragged Ted to his room, they were in there for minutes so I went to check on them.

” Mom I’ve heard,” he growled tiredly, I stopped at the door.

“Just remember to use any of these condoms.”

“You didn’t have to buy me six different packets of condom I don’t need it,” he said exasperatedly, I covered my mouth. Na me dem dey plan like this?

“You are right, getting her pregnant is better,” she said hazily

“Mom, I don’t need to have sex with her before I tell her how I feel, she might not like me,” he sighed. Who tell you that one?

“She does,” she said confidently.

“It’s too early, I’ll tell her in two month’s time.” Eh! For wetin!

“That’s too far,” she complained.

“One month then but for now, I’m not telling her and that’s final. I won’t ruin my friendship and chances with her,”he said irrevocably, I walked back to the living room.

We’ll see about that.

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