Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 9)

Continued from the last part…

Oriana’s POV

Finally Cole’s dad’s wedding was taking place tonight. Averill was really stressed out, and I felt pity for her mum. Because of the need to help her mum, she could not even dress to the wedding, she just worked all day!

The wedding was a totally huge celebration, Aunt Mia was full of smiles and so was Mr. Smith. Everybody was excited Cole. He looked really sad and lonely; he felt really left out. I could feel his pains, as if they were were mine. I went out to the corridor to chat with him. Though we hardly talked at school, Cole was my very best childhood friend and my first crush actually.

I never told Averill about him because I did not want her to feel Jealous or say that I wanted to snatch Cole from her. I sat down beside him.

“Hey Cole,” I said.

“Hey Oriana,” he said pathetically.

“You know you should—”

“I’d rather be here than inside.”

“I know that Cole. I just decided to talk to you. Or am I not allowed to?”

“Of course you’re permitted to. Well I am just a little bothered about you. You’re acting a bit weird.”

“And what do you mean by that Oriana?”

“Oh, come on, Cole. I have known you right from childhood, so you should know better than this.” We both giggled a little.

“Hmm… I know. I forgot about all that, that we were really close friends. Now I remember.”

“Are you sure? Or you’re just saying? So why are you sitting alone outside instead of celebrating with your dad and your new… aunt?”

“You wanted to say ‘new mom’ right?”

“Uhmm yeah, I wanted to, but I did not.”

“Well come on Oriana, you know me. I don’t fancy all this party and celebration stuffs, they’re are not my kind of things.

“Yes I know Cole, I have always known, I was just kinda asking…”

“Well you shouldn’t,” he said holding my arms and giggling.


Averill’s POV

I had been looking for Cole for sometime now. Ever since we began chatting, I just felt like we have known each other for a long now. I checked his room, and round the whole Smiths’ house, but I couldn’t find him.

Where could he possible be? I wondered. I came outside to the corridor, the weather was perfect for lovers as it was a full moon tonight. The cold wind and splendid glittering stars made everything perfect.

I looked at the Smiths’ garden and into the horizon. And then my eyes suddenly caught something going on by the pool. Cole was sitting beside someone. They were both holding hands and talking. I felt a bit jealous until I could see her face more clearly with the aid of the moonlight.

“Oriana!” I yelled out in surprise. “What could Oriana be doing beside Cole?” I spurted out in anger. All sorts of different imaginations ran through my mind.

What was she doing?

Dash’s POV

Eliana had been really busy helping out with some stuffs downstairs. I really needed her company, but unluckily she was not with me. I decided to take a stroll around the house. I had never been to Cole’s home before since we were not that close. I never had the chance to, but now this was my only chance to. So I needed to see all that was needed to see.

I walked upstairs, and different people were moving around too. I started exploring the house, it was really huge and splendid. I envied Cole for the first time in my life.
Unlike my home, Cole’s was really perfect.
There were a lot of rooms which could be used for different stuffs. He even had his own special music room and the rest. He was so damn lucky, I explored every room I could have access to.

Nevertheless, I decided to quit my exploration before someone saw me and thought that I had another motive. I retraced my steps back and was on my way, downstairs, when something quite interesting caught my attention. Two lovers I guess, were seriously making out. A close look at the girl would tell you that it wasn’t the first round, because her clothes were ripped open. I just couldn’t stop staring, until the girl turned.


“Hey Dash,” she said running towards me. “I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

“Yeah, I just came by at least to congratulate Cole.”

“Yeah, that’s really nice of you.”

“So Sylvie, by the look on your face, it seems you’re really busy…”

“Yeah… yeah… yeah… I am really really busy. You know Cole and I… we’re really really both busy right now,” she said hastily.

I noticed her behavior so I decided to leave. “Just extend my regards to Cole,” I said and left. Eliana was still quite busy, so I decided to head home. On my way out on the front door, I bumped into Cole.

I was a bit kind of shock. How did he get here so quick? I controlled myself and I wished him well, and we both parted ways. I stood speechless on the door. That means Sylvie had been lying to me. No wonder she was really panting.

I suddenly turned and looked the room which I had seen Sylvie, and a guy in a hood came out and walked downstairs. I could not see him anymore because he got lost in the crowd.

But who could it be?

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