Ice (Love=Scam) (Episode Two)

Continued from the last part…

Red’s POV

Putting on my earring, I looked at myself in the mirror feeling proud. I was just too handsome in this my outfit black body hug and black jean girls can testify.

No girl has come in contact with me one-on-one and not testify to the beauty of God’s creation, I said to myself smirking.

She said, “You’re ugly,” my subconscious said.

Who is she? Oh she—you mean Miss Clumsy? I ask myself a bit loud.

“I’m not ugly,” I said checking my physique.

She was going to get it hard from me and she’ll pay for staining my shirt.


“Well Mr. Thomps, we want to merge with your company to build a Music & Modelling company together,” Mr John Cater explained handing over some files to my dad which he passed to me.

I viewed the document. “So?” I asked.

“Mr. Red will like the models to use your company’s designers as their outfit,” he said. “Uhm…while Mr. Thomps will be using your five best music artistes for the fusion, let’s give the industry a name since its three great men are involved,” he said. A smile escaped my lips at the mention of ‘great

Ivian’s POV

I wanted to say no, but it seemed as if my mouth had a mind of its own because I ended up saying, “Yes, very handsome, infact a Greek god.”

Her grin turned to a smile and then she started another round of laughs.

“What?” I asked her with a serious tone.

“I think you’re falling Ivian, finally,” she said making a baby face.

“What makes you say so?”

“The Ivian Bricks I know never say that a boy is cute, let alone a Greek god,” she said.

I hissed, “I am not falling to anywhere Love. I think once I apologise, my mind will be free and I’ll stop seeing his face any time I close my eyes. It’s strange though, because its my first time apologizing.”

“Shut up, Ivian. “You haven’t apologised yet. Let’s go check the club to see if by chance he would be there,” she said.

We stood up and climb down the stairs. On getting to the door, I wanted to open it, but Love stopped me.

“Close your eyes,” she said. I closed my eyes. “Open it now,” she said. I did.

“What did you see?”


“You saw him?”

I hissed again. “Seriously Love, you’re something else.”

To be continued…

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