Free the Girls

These are infants snatched from their warm welcoming cradle without an iota of breast on their young chest .

They were as innocent as angels and never knew they came into the cruel world of Jezebel
O! How I wish I could vigorously ring thousands of warning bells into their young and
immature listening ears,
Warning them all to pause and stay put in the bosom of the Lord

I wonder how a father could neglect his little girl child for a bride price,
I wonder how a mother watches the latter while he buys her little girl child,
I wonder how a man shares his bed with a girl still learning her nursery rhymes
Indeed this is a naughty crime
I can’t help it but cry

The girls who were never granted an audience had no choice but to sit and be forced to see themselves all set for a
ceremony they never can get ,
The problem is not with the girls
But with those who dress the girls .

On the D-day ,
I pray the suitors suffer painful humiliation
I pray they die in the face of every increasing trouble,
For their bride price smells worse than feet
I pray with expectations and hope that they FREE THE GIRLS.

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