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Arrows of Fullstops

See, see can you really see
See the blood.
I took the quick route.
Never turned back
Shot the arrows of many full stops. I had to have the last words and let no one be my last word.

What really was my reason I would have loved someone enough to be my reason but no,
I would have hated someone enough to be my reason but no
What was my reason I was so feeble in heart enough that when others drank scotch or whiskey for morale I drank coke for courage.

What was my reason I was so feeble in sense of fashion that when others decorated their rooms to look like gardens or paradise I only had a vase filled with few branches of colorless flowers.
What was my reason I was feeble minded enough that when others had a shelf filled with books I only a small collection of my semester note books.
What was my reason. I was feeble minded enough that when friend or colleagues went for hangouts I sat in my room alone wore my glasses smoked and decide on the fastest way to end my life.

Now my regret. My one only regret is that the arrows were too fast that I never had the time to finish my coke or get a shelf filled with Dan Brown’s novels or decorate my room to look like Angel’s den and probably watch a cartoon.
The full stop was abrupt and I put it myself just to abscond from my feeble self.

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