Liquid red!
Splattered on the wall
Like paint on a canvass,
Spreading from top to bottom.
Life turned to a mere mannequin
And a source of graffiti
Within seconds.
Matter from the deep thinking box
Which is now open and wide
like a pit
Spills out in ribbons,
A gift to the eerie dark world..

An acrid smell fills the air
Death oozes,
a pungent offering to the olfactory lobes.
A worthy sacrifice to Hades
A picture of perfect destruction
Complete annihilation,
chaos written in bold letters.
A gory art to behold
Brought about by a mere mortal,
Carried out by steel hands.

A once happy room
Booming with songs and laughter
Turns to a haunted den of ghosts
Quiet,chilly, eerie and out-worldly.
It can ne’er be same,
A soul has departed…

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