Nma (Part 19)

Continued from the last part…

I sat in a circle in a criss-cross position while staring at Arry and Dara as they made out because of the dare, we were playing truth and dare, Ted and Arry’s idea.

It was the night before the wedding, earlier took Ted him with him to see Allen, somehow they all bonded so well that they are acting like childhood friends, especially Arry and Ted. So here we were, playing truth and fucking dare.

Allen, Arry, Amie, Amy, Leon, Atama, Idara, Ted and I were the ones playing. Jerrod couldn’t make it, same as Mark, my parents were somewhere in the house doing something I don’t know.

“So Ted, I dare you to make out with Coco,” Allen said wickedly, Coco was Lina’s pet dog who seemed to be in love with Ted, he laughed and picked up Coco who was licking his feet.

“Have you brushed your teeth today?’ He asked suspiciously and we burst into laughter.

“Just kiss the fucking dog,” Leon laughed.

“My dog isn’t fucking,” Lina snapped, Leon blew raspberry at her and Amy slapped his arm.

“You’ll pay for this Allen,” Ted seethed and kissed Coco who wagged her tail happily, we laughed. “Mmm, she actually tastes really nice,” he said after kissing her.

“You are sick,” I laughed, he winked at me.

“Now Amie, T or D?” Ted asked mischievously.

“T,” she answered lamely.

“Whom among Allen and your husband is sexier?”

“Must I answer that?” Amie groaned, he nodded. “Allen.”

“Ah! Awesome,” Allen exclaimed and she rolled her eyes. “You’re my best sister ever.”

“I’m right here,” Amy said with feigned jealousy.

“Don’t worry, you’re my best,” Arry smiled.

“My turn,” Amie chirped, “Nma, who was your first love?” Yikes! Should I say it? I glanced at Ked, he looked confused and sad.

“One idiot named Chikere, that goat.”

“Oh, is he handsome?” What is her problem?

“Two questions not allowed. Lina, how many times a day do you pick your nose?” I asked boringly. She would have definitely pick truth, she rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know, was I supposed to count?” she snapped.

“Ten times,” Allen laughed, she punched him in the chest and winced.

“Your chest just broke my finger.”

“Oh sorry love,” he said playfully.

“For that T or D?” she asked him slyly.

“Truth,” he said hastily, she chuckled.

“When you poo does it smell?” she asked with a wicked smile, his face turned pink, she laughed. “I’ll answer it, y…” He covered her mouth and we laughed, I glanced at Ted, he was playing with Coco.

“Shut up,” he whispered, she nodded and he let her go.

“They already know now,” she laughed, he hissed an muttered to himself.

“Keelah, T or D?”

“D,” I answered confidently, he smirked.

“I dare you to kiss Okon tomorrow at the wedding.” My eyes widened, you remember Okon? His yeye gateman. Lina and Arry laughed.

“You see that door? It’s the kitchen door, go dere, carry knife make you con kill me because I no go do am,” I said adamantly, they laughed, he glanced at Ted and then at me then back again, an evil smile crept up his lips. “Eh en, no try am!” I shouted.

“Then I dare you to make out with Ted,” Allen said slyly. I don’t have a problem with it but he just kissed a dog.

“No, I won’t kiss that dog mouth,” I said defiantly.

“Oh really! Come here honey,” Ted squealed with arms spread, I made to run for it, but he tackled me down, the others were cheering for my destruction. I moved my head continuously with mouth pinned. “I’ll tickle you,” he laughed.

“She’s not ticklish,” Tama laughed, he smirked and tickled my tummy, I laughed out and he kissed me. Eww!

Everyone was laughing seriously, he bit my lip and broke the kiss. “Devil,” I yelled.

“My love,” he laughed.

The rest of the game was of them tormenting me with silly dares, Allen+Arry+Ted=triple headache trouble.


Jerrod and Mark came and picked up their wives, Leon went to drop off Amy, and Allen left too. Arry and Dara were still around,. Mom and Dad took Lina to the hospital because she claimed to be feeling pains, but I stayed back to watch over the house. When I said house, I meant Arry and Ted.

I went to my bathroom to brush my teeth again and take a bath, when I came back to the living room, Arry and Dara were busy on my couch.

“Hey hey hey! Stop it!” I yelled. “That activity on my couch, stop it,” I said sternly, they chuckled. “Where’s Ted?” I asked panickingly, Dara pointed at the kitchen still kissing Arry. “Ewo!” I screamed and ran there.

I almost cried when I saw him eating the roast chicken and brownies Mom made for Lina; she told me to watch it carefully so he won’t eat it.

“Teddison wetin dey do you naa, you dey possessed?” I yelled, he stared at me innocently with puppy eyes. Awwwn! No, I won’t fall for that look. “Why did you eat it? I just left for only eight minutes, just eight minutes,” I cried.

“I was hungry,” he whined, Arry walked in.

“Ted! What the hell is this?” he asked angrily. “Why didn’t you tell me so I could join you?” he yelled, my jaw dropped. “Save that leg for me,” he said playfully and ran to join him, Dara was laughing beside me as I watched them devour a whole chicken within five minutes.

Sunday Evening—Dinning Room

I sat sadly in the dinning room watching Ted. He was leaving tomorrow with Leon and I was really sad. These few days with him had really been the best. In church earlier I prayed that God finds a way to bring us together, that is if he was really my husband.

I think he is, at the wedding yesterday when Lina threw her flower, it landed on Ted’s hands, he screamed and threw it away but it hit me. Then at the reception, Amy made us play a game.

A guy and a girl would dip their hands into a bowl of beads thrice covered by wine, if they pick the exact color of beads all three time, they are made for each other. Leon and her picked the same bead twice, others failed. Ted picked a pink bead with purple stripes and complained on how he hates pink, I picked the other pink bead too, we picked that exact bead all three times.

Isn’t that a good sign?

“Oh yes! Before I forget, I’ll be travelling to Uganda with your Mom for a business trip tomorrow Leon. I was hoping Akeelah will come stay with you so she won’t be bored,” Dad said coolly, my eyes lit up immediately.

“She can camp with her friends or adopted brother.” See bad belle o, Leon you no fit put San San for my jollof rice.

“Mark is travelling to Australia for a business trip too, Amie and my brothers are going to Dubai on Tuesday, Roberta will be going back to school, Arry is travelling to the Solomon Islands for a shoot and Atama and Jerrod are taking Jeff to Disney Land,” I explained sharply.

” I would have loved to take you along but I’m travelling to Portland on Thursday, I can’t leave you alone in my house, it’ll be lonely.” Hey! God of Moses, Elijah, Elisha, all the prophets, na beg I dey beg you, do something for me. “Ted, will it be okay if she stays with you?” He has done it again o!

“I don’t mind,” Ted said lowly but I could hear the glee in his voice.

“Stay with Ted?” Dad said seethingly.

“Dad we can trust him you know,” Leon said calmly. You can trust him but not me, I get plans ọ.

“Not that, put this cat and rat in one house! Do you want to attend a funeral?” Dad shouted seriously.

“I’ll be too busy to fight with her,” Ted said pleadingly, Dad sighed.

“Akeelah?” Was that a question?

“Yes!” I squealed energetically. “I’m leaving Nigeria!” I screamed, they smiled. For my mind I dey shout, “I’m going to live alone with my Teddy.” I can’t wait!

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