Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 8)

Continued from the last part…

Oriana POV

Averill came to school, telling me about all that had took place between her and Cole. I was really happy and confused at the same time because Averill couldn’t stop saying the exact same words over and over again.

I was really stressed out and bored at the same time. I decided to go to the school’s library to probably read a novel. All the novels really seemed so boring, but I managed to pick one titled Melanin. I flipped through the pages until someone elbowed me and said,

“I wouldn’t be reading that if I were you.” I turned over and saw that it was Mac, my crush

“Hope I can sit with you?” he asked politely.

“Yeah, sure you can,” I hurriedly said. I was so damn happy. Mac of all people wanted to share a seat with me. I started acting a little bit mature all of a sudden. I stole glances of him and pretended as though I was reading.

My joy was finally cut short when I saw my twin sister coming.

“Happiness Spoiler,” I muttered.

“Huh?” Mac asked, thinking I was referring to him.

“It’s nothing,” I quickly replied. Eliana would just come and spoil everything. It’s better I leave before she comes over, she would insult me and warn Mac to stay the hell away from me. I know she was one of the major reasons why Mac hadn’t noticed my love for him. Then I left quickly.

Dash’s POV

Averill had requested to meet with me at the basketball court later this afternoon during recess. The boys were having a practice, so Averill was standing at the other end of the court. She was more focused on the game than on her book.

“Hey Averill,” I motioned to her as I came closer, to at least get her attention. “Seems you’re now a huge fan of basketball,” I said winking at her. We both laughed it off.
“So you sent for me.”

“Yeah I did.”

“Is there any problem?”

“No, there’s no problem. I just wanted you to help me with something.”

“And what could that possible be if I’m permitted to ask.”

“Uhmm… It’s about Cole’s dad wedding. You know that my mum was made the head planner, so she asked me for designs. So that’s why I totally need your own ideas, really great and big ones. Right now.”

“Why didn’t you just say it rather than plead? Well I am going to help you if only you tell me the exact truth of who your staring at. Who? among the guys?” I asked her being so dramatic.

“Well I was staring at no one in particular, I just felt like watching them play that’s all.” I fixed a straight gaze at her, I knew she was lying because her face convinced me. Averill and I have been really good friends for sometime now, and I understood everything about her. Whenever she lied, she would begin to sweat and pant really fast. I decided not to tell her that she was obviously lying,
so as not to reveal my secret of knowing when she lied to her. We just continued staring at the boys playing basketball.

Eliana’s POV

I had seen Mac sitting beside my twin sister and I was totally mad about it. Who does he think he is? That Jerk!

We have never been really close right from when we both started schooling, and to top it all, ever since I found out about his secret relationship in school, I hated him the more.

Dash and I had a little misunderstanding, so I left the class in-between lectures. I went down the school’s parking lot to wait for dash in his car.

Then I heard raspy groans coming from one of the cars in the parking lot. I traced it to the school bus, I could clearly hear the voice of a female, maybe a student…

They were having sex!

Well it was a normal thing because students usually did it, but what got me really pissed off was when the girl had called Mac’s name, and had made him promise to keep whatever that had just transpired between them a secret. And Mac foolishly pronounced to do so.

Since then I felt Mac was nothing than a cheat, I wondered who exactly could be the female.

I knew none of our classmates would dare to date a loser such as Mac. Or could it be that he was dating a junior? I just wished I could get to know who exactly she was, but first I had to confront him about my sister.

Sylvie’s POV

Today Cole had requested that I come over. And I did not even feel like going at all because I felt he might just do something stupid when Mac was watching and get him jealous.

I was just so damn freaking tired of him, he was nothing but a pestering pest. He always makes fun of Mac and calls him a loser, while he was also a freaking jerk.

In fact, I won’t go anywhere. I would think of a stupid lie and tell him. After all, Love is not by force!

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