Friendly Enemies

Peace destroyers
Attached to stagnant waters,
Live off blood of unsuspecting victims.
With their presence,
A good night rest is not assured.

Divine choristers from the pit of hell.
Little naughty minions,
Always seeking human attention.
Whenever they arrive,
They are always welcomed with a clap.

Could it be love they are trying to make?
Or they came just to sell of my health with a kiss just like Judas did to Jesus?

Maybe they are good singers,
Maybe they’ve come to sing for me too,
But I don’t really know why they’ve not changed their tune?
Or have my blood glued their proboscis?

How can such tiny creature cause great pain and loss?
Great foe to health,
Responsible for deaths, illnesses
and countless calamities.
Without doubt this is a small but vicious

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