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Nma (Part 18)

Continued from the last part…

I walked into my room tiredly, after I yelled at Ted, I found a stick to beat him up but he ran away, I chased him until I ran out of breath, like seriously, I couldn’t breathe, the guy was a human cheetah. Then he carried me on a piggy back ride and ran back home, not even bothered by my weight. He said it was part of his ‘exercise’. I’m starting to suspect that he was a werewolf or something.

Lina was on my bed chatting and laughing, I don’t know why she likes camping in my room every morning.

“Good morning,” I greeted dog tired, she giggled still staring at her phone.

“How was your date with Teddison?” she asked teasingly, I rolled my eyes and flung myself on the bed face up.

“It wasn’t a date genius, we just went out jogging, do you know he licked…”

“All the ice creams in the fridge? Yes, he’s like that all the time, he can even eat three layers of cake and not get tired,” Lina completed for me.

“And he doesn’t ever get fat?” I said astounded.

“I was like that the first time I heard it,” she laughed, I chuckled. “It’s a thing about him, he’s really strong too. I used to believe that he was a werewolf,” she whispered.

“Exactly!” I exclaimed, she laughed.

“He’s not, that’s just his gift from God. According to his mom, Ted had always dreamt to be strong and fearless just like Samson in the bible, Samson was his role model. He would go to a church everyday evening as a boy and pray that God would make him as strong as Samson, even if it’s just a little,” she said coolly still staring at her phone.

“I guess his prayers were sort of answered, he’s no where close to Samson, not even a thousand miles, but at least he’s strong enough,” I said still astounded.

“Do you want to know his greatest fear?” Lina whispered, turning the screen of her phone to the bed and leaning closer. I turned on my tummy and shifted towards her curiously. “Women, his fear is women.” I gasped. Women? “You know Samson was defeated because of a woman and his dad’s business almost ran down one time because of a woman, he doesn’t want a woman to destroy him. That’s why he never let’s them in.”

“You’re kidding,” I said surprised, she smiled sincerely.

“His mom told me, he believes they are all evil, even his own mom at first. He can flirt with any girl, any time, any way, but rumour has it that he has never bedded a woman in his life.”

“Rumour or you?” I asked sarcastically.

“His mom.”

“You two seem really chummy,” I said playfully.

“Yea she told me all of this back then when she wanted me to marry her son. You will never know that fact because of how flirtatious he is, that’s smart though, covering up his track,” she said admirably.

“Because say na you follow am dey bed, mtcheeeeew, how can you be sure?” I asked scornfully.

“Because I’ve made out with him with him once,” she said evasively, my head shot up immediately. “Before I started dating Allen,” she added quickly. “Believe me, that guy can pleasure the life out of a woman, he’s so good at it, but then he leaves you hanging at the end giving you a pathetic excuse.”

“And you said once?” I said sarcastically.

“Okay fine, thrice.”

“Maybe he just left you because…you know, you’re his best friend’s younger sister,” I reasoned, she shook her head negatively.

“I know what I mean,” she said firmly.

“Didn’t you say Allen was your first everything?” I asked suspiciously, she sighed.

“Once upon a time, I met Allen and Arry at a concert, we got talking, blah blah blah. We both got drunk like three months after knowing each other when we went clubbing—Arry’s doing. Then we had sex, I got mad because I thought he planned it with Arry. In anger I ended up with Ted, “she said boringly.

“Three good times?” I asked with a frown.

“The other times were complicated, deal with it. Ted is a good and harmless guy, and that’s it. End of story,” she said snobbishly.

“He had a sister?”

“Sisters and brothers,” she corrected, “Ted is the last of six children, he has three elder brothers and two elder sisters. He was really pampered and taken cared of. Except for training and studying, he did nothing else. Well that was until his siblings died in a plane crash four or five years ago.”

“All of them!” I exclaimed, she nodded. “So mister baby man had to take over the responsibility of…”

“Yes, that’s why he acts like a baby because somehow, he is.”

“Wow!” I mused, this really explains a lot.” His dad?”
“Dead, died on top of a woman,” Lina said with a chuckle and went back to her phone. “Ted likes you, in fact, you’re the reason he’s here,” she added lowly, and I literally froze.

“M….m….me?” I stammered, she nodded.

“When I travelled back to New York City two weeks before we found out you were my sister, Ted visited. Well he usually messes around in Leon’s house all evening before going back home to his precious ‘Monica’,” she rolled her eyes after making air quotation on the name. “He took my phone, all in the name of playing games, then he saw the pictures I took with you at the mall when we went shopping. Since that day, he never let me be, always bugging me about you. When I told him later that you were my sister, he screamed my eardrums off in excitement, because you know I didn’t know where you ran off to before…” She paused and lifted her gaze to mine. “He came here because he knew you’ll be present at my wedding. Leon doesn’t know about it though, he made me swear to shut up and you know Leon is the last person I’ll ever talk to.”

I burst into laughter. What a joke. “Good one Lina,” I laughed.

“If you think I’m lying, take his phone and check his gallery for your pictures. For the past one month you’ve been here, all the pictures of you I took, I sent it to him. his password is Akeelah. Try it and see.”

With that said, she stood up and left my room, leaving me dumbfounded.


I went down for breakfast nervously, Ted was there already, stuffing his face with pancakes and pies, I chuckled.

“Can I have more blueberry pies please?” he asked boyishly polite, he looked so cute with the puppy eyes he gave mom.

“Ted, you already had three plates already, the last one is for Keelah,” mom laughed, he clucked sadly, I covered my mouth so I won’t laugh out.

“What about more pancakes?” he pleaded, glancing my plate of pie.

“You literally ate everything, I didn’t even taste anything,” Leon said angrily. “You finished the bacons too.”

“I made it to make the two of you feel more at home,” Mom said glancing at me.

“Yet he ate everything, I only got a hamburger and a worthless piece of bacon,” Leon complained, Ted bowed his head and muttered something about him being a growing boy, I couldn’t hold the laughter that escaped my lips.

“Sorry, good morning everyone,” I laughed.

“Morning dear, how well did you sleep because I didn’t?” Mom said glaring at my Dad who smiled innocently, I chuckled while Lina laughed, I sat opposite Ted and said a little prayer.

Everyone was discussing about the wedding in two days time but I was lost in thought, I only took five spoons out of my pie before I lost my appetite, I raised my head and caught him staring at me dreamily, he quickly averted his eyes to my pie, as if he was staring at it before, Lina might be right, I hope she was.

His pretend gaze turned serious as his eyes ate up my pie, I chuckled and pushed it forward to him, he squealed like a kid whose dad just bought a new bicycle or a new set of video games before grabbing the pie.

“Such a cute boy,” Mom said with a baby voice.

“Stupid food snatcher,” Leon said still angry, while Lina laughed, Dad was just giving me a teasing look, I bowed my head sheepishly but, something dinged in my head.

“I’ll be right back,” I said hastily and ran out to his room, his phone was on the bed, I sat down with one leg folded and switched it on.
A beautiful picture of a woman smiled at me, must be his mom, his password was in pattern mode, Lina was fooling me, I angrily swiped my fingers, not sure what I swiped but it opened.

“Yes,” I chirped lowly, I went straight to his gallery and Lina was indeed right, my heart thumped furiously as I stared at my pictures on his phone, pictures I didn’t even have, I nervously checked his WhatsApp for his chat with Lina, I gaped at what I read.

I saw the previous message from his mom that he hadn’t read yet, I entered shakily and scrolled up.

Him: This country is hot mom but it’s worth it, she’s so beautiful in person, and very bold. 😆😆😆

His mom: Yea yea whatever, just don’t come here without my daughter in-law.

Him: I don’t think it’ll be that easy, she’s not that easy, what am I saying? She’s very stubborn.

His mom: 😂😂😂 Finally met your match huh? 😏😏😏

Him: 😒😒😒 Don’t exaggerate mom.

His mom: Yeah, I will, if she can look into your face and call you ugly, then she’s a gem. 😁😁😁

Him: Moooooooooom! 😦😦😦

His mom: Okay okay, I won’t talk again, just be nice to her and don’t you dare try flirting with her because I know you. 😠😠😠

Him: 😊😊😊 I would never try anything.

I scoffed at his lie

His mom: You could have fooled me, what did you two talk about this morning?

His: Personal mom, stop prying 😒😒😒

His mom: Only trying to help, tell her that you are scared of women. 😂😂😂

Him: 😣😣😣😣 Mom!!!!!!!

His mom: 😹😹😹😹😹😹

I left his WhatsApp and turned off the screen with a giddy grin, I walked out of his room to mine, so I could scream and dance around like an idiot in peace.

Read Part Nineteen.

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