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Ice (Love=Scam) (Episode One)

“I still don’t get it, what is the essence of going to this party?” Ivian asked her friend who were busy applying make up on her face.

“It’s for fun, fun Ivian. Nothing more,” Love replied her, putting pink lip stick on Ivian lips, she carefully drop it while Mimi cleared the makeup kit. Taking a last glance at her reflection in the mirror she stood up, picked her pink purse.

“I hope this is not one of your plans in hooking me up?” Ivian questioned.

“No Ivian, not at all. This is genuine fun,” Mimi said.

“But if by chance you get to meet your true love, fine,” Love added.

“Oh come on, love is not my thing, I don’t know love, and love doesn’t know Ivian. Simple. Perhaps I’m just destined to be like that,” Ivian said, faking a happy face.

“Lets go girls, we’re late already,” Love said changing the topic, because she knew deep down that Ivian was sad, and that she was just faking being happy.

At The Party

“Here we are,” she said as the three beauties cat-walked in majestically, with all guts, swaying their hips left and right. The party was on already and no sooner than they entered, they caught the attention of everyone. Eighty percent of the men’s eyes were on Ivian, but she didn’t give a shit.

Love’s POV

“Lets go grab a sit, “I said. We walked to the DJ at the front and sat down at the right side. The waiter came and served us wine.

“So girls what’s up with you lately?”

“Nothing much. Just hustling. Hit a big one this time,” Mimi said.


“Me and my boyfriend will be going on a vacation.”

“Isn’t that too much? I mean you just got to know each other for a week now. You can’t trust boys you know.”

“I know, I know. Just that I think we can get to know each other better that way. Or what do you think Ivian?” Mimi asked. She gave no reply; we were forced to look at her. She was looking at the right side steadily without blinking, with her glass of wine an inch from her mouth.

“Oh Ivian dear, no need of thinking about it,” I said touching her. She jerked back from her thoughts, and now faced me, wearing a fake smile.

“You said what?” she said arching an eye brow, it’s funny how she could raise one at a time. Come on IV, stay put and be happy. Love will find you alright? “I told her, while caressing her right hand. She nodded and sipped her wine.

“Guys am thinking of doing something.”

“We know, but you don’t need that right now. As Love said, true love will definitely find you okay, all you need to do is…”

“Not that Mimi. Far from it,” Ivian said cutting Mimi off.

“What now?” I questioned.

“Well…I’m thinking off…getting a job.”

“Like seriously baby girl?” I asked.

“Yes, for real. Just tired of being idle, since am idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

“Alright. Lemme get this straight. What type of job?” Mimi asked.

“Well, how about you guys suggest for me huh? Okay?”

“Banking,” Mimi said.

“No, that’s risky at times. How about ehm…working in a restaurant since you like cooking?” I said.

“No, I disagree with her,” Mimi yelled, “it’s got to be banking.”








We were still arguing when a calm voice brought us back to to reality.

“Hi ladies, or should I say beautiful ladies?”

“Hi,” we both chorused, except for Ivian who seemed lost.

“I’m Ryder, Ryder Park,” he said stretching his hand to Ivian for a handshake. She ignored him and poured herself wine, he turned the hand to us in embarrassment, which we gladly shook.

“I’m love and she’s Mimi,” I said.

“I have a mouth of my own, and a voice too Love,” Mimi said.

“Well don’t mind our friend Ivian here. That’s how she behaves,” I told him, while Ivian scoffed.

“Oh..kay,” he said.

Jimmy’s POV

Well what do we have here? Ivian and her friends. I watched as that boy walked up to them. I was jealous when he stretched his hand towards Ivian, but it turned to a smile, when she hung his hand in mid air.

I walked to their seat with a bottle of vodka. I had decided to try my luck.

“Hi Ivian,” I said, while looking at her friend, since the other left with that guy.

“Hi. Ehm… Mimi is the name,” she said.

“Oh. Hi Mimi,” I said, signalling to her to excuse us.

“Hi Jimmy. Uh… Ivian, I will be back,” she said.

“Hey babe. What’s up?”

“Firstly, I’m not a babe. I am twenty-one. Secondly, I don’t waste my time with bullshit and lastly, if you’ll excuse me, I want to use the restroom. No need explaining to you because I don’t think a dummy like you would know what a restroom is,” she said leaving me dumbfounded.

Ivian’s POV

I walked out on Jimmy; I don’t know why, but my inner self just gets pissed off at the sight of him. I headed to the restroom angrily. I don’t know why Mimi had to leave. By the way, where is she?

“Ahhhh! Whoaaa!” People began screaming, especially the females. Gosh…I hate noise. Why are they even behaving like this? I said deep in thought, still walking to the restroom.

The next thing I heard was the sound of glasses shattering, and a voice saying, “Oh shit.” It was like a song, and I was forced to look up only to see a handsome—I mean the most handsome man in the world—having wine stain on his white shirt.

That was when I understood what had happened. I poured wine on him. Gosh, I even forgot that I was still holding my wine glass while going to the restroom. Thanks to Jimmy.

“Were you born clumsy? Do you know how much I bought this shirt huh?” I looked down to avoid his sharp gaze. He was too cute, like a typical Greek god. All these thoughts where running through my mind, that I forgot he was even talking.

“I can get you another one,” I told him.

“Oh I bet you can’t afford this, because it’s enough to feed your generation.”

Boom! He had overdone it. The wheels in my turned, shifting my brain, and making it spark.

“Hey hold it Mr. Man or whatever the name is. I mistakenly spilled it okay? Get yourself another one. Or better still, if your bellybutton is attached to this shirt, get your fucking self out of here. Go home, soak it, wash it and wait for it to dry before coming to this party, since the party means a lot to you.”

“Do you know who I fucking am?” he said.

“Oh, you said it yourself. You’re fucking. No need to know. And from the little I know, you’re nothing but an ugly rude punk.” Opposite, my subconscious said. “I can’t believe I’m wasting time talking to a bullshit guy like you. Excuse me,” I said leaving him. He was so rude and full of himself.

I got to the restroom, locked the door, then moved to the sink to wash my face, not caring if I ruined the make up. I liked being natural by the way. Oh God he was having an effect on me, I thought of going back to apologise because I felt guilty.

No Ivian, don’t apologise. Who is he huh? Why where those girls around supporting him, saying that I was wrong like they didn’t hear when he abused my generation? Or was I wrong? What do they fucking see in him?

He is very cute and you’re falling for him, my subconscious said.

No, I’m not falling. I’m on my two feet in the restroom. He isn’t even cute, not at all.

Who said so earlier? my subconscious struck.

Who? Me? No! Fine, he is cute, but I am not falling for him. Where is Love and Mimi? I want to rest. My head hurt from too much thinking.

Red’s POV

God, who was she? She made me fall at first sight, which was something rare. I wanted to find her and say sorry, even if it was my first time. I didn’t notice that she was that cute, or I wouldn’t wouldn’t have said all that.

She just met me and stole my heart. I wasn’t concentrating again. I came here to have fun, but it seemed right now that what my mind only knew was that Miss Clumsy; I can’t get her face off my mind.

Wait. I can’t just fall for a rude girl at first sight. Repeat after me Red, I Red Thomps, the dream of every girl cannot fall for a thing like that—never.

I should better sleep, by the time I wake up she will be long gone from my mind. Yeah good idea. I walked out with my bodyguards trailing behind.

At home, I put on my pyjamas and removed my diamond earrings. I slid beneath the sheets. She was still having an effect on me. I hope this works. Then slept off.


What! Who is this girl? I woke up with her face in my dreams. She is now stronger in my mind than yesterday. Who is this goddess that was turning me to something else?

Imagine, I am sitting on my bed for close to an hour now just thinking of a girl. I better find her. Whoever she is, all I know was she’ll not keep tormenting me to apologise.

To be continued…

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