The Beauty on the Throne

Have you seen anyone so beautiful?
Have you seen a man who is handsomeness personified?
The lovely creator, a wonder to behold
He came not only to save me
But captured my heart as he did so.

We in darkness saw a great light that day
And I looked on at this strange person who invaded our prison cell
Whose garment was red as one who treaded on the winepress yet still elegant
On his head was a crown of glowing thorns
His hair was pure gold and was like dripping honey
His eyes were like flaming fire and his hands and feet like burnished bronze

As he passed by my prison ward
I looked into fire unending
He smiled and the prison doors shook and our chains came off immediately
When he fought hades and death that night
His eyes were fixed on me
Me, one of the prisoners of the underworld
I knew I had seen the one
The one I can call mine

My Knight in shining armor
He took them out one after the other
But first, he started with the ancient gates
The gate with the power to speak and be spoken to
It opened on its accord and set the battle in array

They were not a match for my hero
He moved in style, even faster than the wind and wrought the two-edged sword
After some seconds, they all lay on the ground whimpering in pain
I watched his every move falling more in love
He continued his majestic walk to the other side
Where the serpent sat on his throne with great fear all over him

“I am the king of glory,” My King thundered.
The serpent fell flat on his face and held out the key
For he couldn’t even face the king or utter a word
My king took it and in that instant, the serpent’s throne came crashing down
He came back and opened the gates of old and set us free
Then He ascended on high and led us the captives with Him.

I followed my saviour
I am still following wherever he may go
I’m sticking like a stamp to a letter and no mountain is too high to keep me away
He will always be my true love
The man who loved me in my imperfections
The man who loved me even in my deepest sins

I ask again who can describe this beauty of Galilee?
The one who has stolen my heart
I’ll keep coming back to drink from this cup of love
Never satisfied even after each cupful

Jesus, I’ll pour my love on you till every flesh is crucified in me
My best friend, my flaming torch, my flame keeper
Words may fail to describe you and time may not be enough
But eternity is there for us
Where we will continue this great love.

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