Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 7)

Continued from the last part…

Two Days Later…

Sylvie’s POV

Cole had not been in a school for over two days now, and it had been because of his dad’s upcoming wedding.

Today was the engagement party, and I was specially invited by my boyfriend. Mom had taken Max out for some shopping, we would all be going to the Smith’s house later in the day. Being totally bored at home, I phoned Mac to come over. Few minutes later, he was already in my place. I had really missed him so much.

“Hey Sylvie, you called. You said you weren’t feeling fine,” he said looking cool.

“Well, I kinda lied,” I said, while spreading my arms around him. “I just needed to see you, and I knew the only way you would come over was to check on me.”

“Well you shouldn’t have done that, you made me really get worried. Come on Sylvie, if you had needed me, all you had to do was just tell me, and I be here in a sec. You needn’t have made me get worked up over you.”

“Blah, blah, blah! Come on Mac, enough of the lectures. I am really sorry.”

“You sure you won’t do it again right?” he asked me with grin.

“I promise, I won’t,” I said. We just stood looking directly at each other.

“Hmmm…” Mac moved arms down my waist and held it. Slowly, we drew closer
and kissed passionately. I withdrew my lips and rested my head on Mac’s bare chest, while he slowly stroked my hair.

“I love you Sylvie,” he repeatedly said.

Averill’s POV

Mom had forcefully made me wear a pitch flay gown instead of normal work clothes for Mr. Smith’s and Miss Mia’s engagement party tonight. We arrived earlier than the guests, and the couple were still in their respective rooms dressing up. Cole wasn’t attending the party; he locked himself up upstairs in his room and said that no one should disturb him.

I somehow felt pity for him, the shock of getting a new mum might have been too hard to take. He was someone who barely knew his mom, he lost her at birth and other than the pictures and stories told by his dad there were actually nothing to it. I really felt bad for him..

Few minutes later the guests started arriving and the party started in full swing. Mom and the other stewards started performing their respective duties. Few of my classmates also attended the engagement party, I saw the twins, and Eliana was looking so beautiful and splendid, and she was with her lover. Dash

He wasn’t looking so bad himself, as he was also cute and charming. They were a match made in heaven, you could see that they were really meant to be.

I couldn’t find my bestie Oriana anywhere, maybe she did not see the need to come. I was really bored, as there was no one to talk to. Mum was quite busy and the other visitors were relaxing with their respective partners. Feeling a little bit left out, I decided to head out to the veranda.

The night was really beautiful as the stars shone so brightly above. I was felling a little cold, and I turned as I heard footsteps behind me and. It was Cole. Thank God he wasn’t naked today, he was properly dressed, I muttered silently to myself.

“Hope I can join you?” he said.

“Yeah, sure you can.”

He slowly came close to me, we were just about two steps away from each other, and I could perceive his cologne so well. It smelled so nice and manly. Crazy, weird and hot thoughts ran through my mind, I just couldn’t control myself anymore. It’d be totally shameful if I had to fuck up in front of Cole. Thankfully, it seemed as if he noticed my shyness or should I just say

Writer’s POV

Cole really understood the way Averill was behaving, and he kinda found it really cute.
He brought out a topic, and they both talked about it for a while. It was really a beautiful sight to see as they both talked with love and affection. Averill blushed when Cole told her how beautiful she was, it was as if the universe was in support of their love. It was the first time in her life that someone had complimented her that much.

She was a girl who had never felt important before, and now the guy she had feelings for was saying all this to her, she really couldn’t stop smiling.

The universe being in total support of them, decided to let out a shooting star. Averill shouted in delight when she and Cole spotted the star. Averill hurridely made a wish while Cole firmly said that he didn’t believe in all those kind of stuffs.

After much argument, Averill went back in, to check on her mum. Cole being the only one left, closed his eyes and made a wish.

“Dear shooting star, I wish that Averill and I would really be this close, and not just close but that we would share a special bond.” He opened his eyes and smiled to himself.

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