Tactfulness did fail me that time,
For her lamentations ran freely from one ear to the next.
How could i possibly understand what she was taking about,
When I had already made up my mind.

Oh she did go through a lot,
More than I thought a recently broken heart should,
Maybe she did exaggerate it, who cares.
Call me heartless, but i did want to go through same.
I had no other choice than to turn off my care switch

I have been afraid for quite a while now.
Is it not just heartbreak again?
I’ll have to choose experience over stories
Am more than ready, What could possibly go wrong?
Just find someone, fall in love and wait for her to cheat or leave.

Nature did quite a deal on me.
For a perfect match, did come through.
She was everything you could possibly think and more.
It didn’t take long for me to fall legs up, head down in love with her.
I completed forgot my plans.

She left as fast as you could snap fingers,
And my life changed from luxury to misery.
Like the magical transformation of Cinderella’s collection when her times up.
I guess I got what i wished for.
But why do nature grant more of negative wishes than positive?

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