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Tara (Part 5)

Continued from the last part…

I’d pondered on my decision for a week now and my decision still stands. That night, I called my husband and told him that I wanted to see him; we had to talk and it was important, and he said he would be home the next morning.

I wasn’t even surprised that I did not meet him at home the next morning. It was past 10am when he arrived. He sat on the arm chair while I was on the sofa, as far away from his becoming hands as I could.

He asked me why I wanted to see him. I briefed him on my thoughts while I was in the hospital recuperating from his handwork and that I’d made the decision to file a divorce; we needed to go our separate ways.

He looked at me like I’d just said something hurtful. I thought I saw a flash of sadness in

his eyes.
Getting up from his throne, he told me point blank, that he won’t sign the divorce papers; that I was his legal wife and we’d vowed never to leave each other.

Years upon years of emotional suppression in words flew from my heart and lips before he finished.

“You call me your legal wife and yet you turned me into a punching bag, you hit me every now and then, and you never came to see me at the hospital. Legal wife you say, if I had not called you, would you have thought of coming home?”

I told him I was done with him and left him sitting in the living room looking shocked. The day went by so fast and I snubbed him all through, I prepared food for only myself and went to bed.

Three days later, he was still at home, trying to get my attention, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. The next day, I was stunned to see my mother and in-laws in the house. We all exchanged pleasantries and I offered them something to drink but they refused to eat. My father-in-law ordered me to sit down across him beside my husband, and went straight to point.

He asked me why I wanted a divorce and I told him that I couldn’t take it anymore. I asked if I’d died that day, and not been rushed to the hospital, would this even be a question? I mentioned my husband’s infidelity with his secretary which led to a pregnancy and they were all shocked.

His father insulted him and faced me saying his son never told him about it. His mother was extremely shocked and short of words. My mother looked at him with a teary eyes saying:

“My daughter has done nothing to wrong you and you were the first man to sleep with her and she married you despite all and this is how you treat her? It is well, please accept her decision and let her go, I believe the good has to go for the best to come, and the best will come by the grace of God.”

After my mother had spoken, my father-in-law asked me if I was ready to sign and I said yes, he hurriedly stood up and we all followed him. He drove us to the lawyer’s office at the secretariat, who received us warmly, and when my father in law told him the reason we came and explained everything to him, he rushed us further with the signing.

After we’d signed the divorce papers, I was very sad, but I braced myself and proved strong. We went back home, because my mother insisted that I packed my stuffs. My ex in-laws kept apologising to me and my mother, but we told them that it was in the past.

I was done packing in an hour, I had arranged my boxes last night, so I didn’t have much left to pack up. The boxs of clothes and shoes with bags were loaded in the boot of my mother’s car by the gateman.

My ex-husband stood in front of me, and for a minute we were at loss for words. I broke the silence by thanking him for both his good and bad deeds and promising that I would be fine and God would be with him and his new lover and their baby on the way.

He gave me a half smile which I know today would be the last time I’d see that smile. I thought he had something better to say, but what he said shocked. He said that I would never go far without him, I would never become great without him and I would always come back to him, that he would be waiting to have me back his life. I smiled and without saying a word, I left.

And for the first time in many years, I breathed. I was free!


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