Tí a bá re’rin, ẹ je ka sọ wípé a ríi erin (The elephant is beyond sight seeing)
Àjànàkú(The elephant) is beyond mere sightseeing,
Aponbepore, the smile from your beautiful face is enough to intoxicate the bravest man.
Eyín ẹnu rẹ fún fún balau (Your teeth is as white as the snow), just like the goddess of wealth.

Ones daughter does not possess a gorgeous waist while one adorns another person’s daughter with a waist bead.
Listen, Òrìsà je kín pé méjì obìnrin o sì (No woman wants a rival),
I, Akanni would dare not wink at other ladies
Nítorí wipe, ekuro lala baku ẹwà èmi àti rẹ (Because our love is eternity)

Á mon lolo
Your body is a sanctuary that begets love,
As I stare at your standing breast
I feel the presence of the holy spirit
Se lo ń ṣe mí bí ẹni wipé èmi fe lọ mi
For I have have surrendered my whole love unto you.

There’s nowhere you can run to –
Nítorí wípé, despite how venomous the wasp is, it is food for the lizard
Tèmi ni tìrẹ (Yours truly), Akanni the magical word weaver.

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