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My Silvery Hair (Episode Six)

Continued from the last part…

Princess’s POV

“Well, that’s my best subject,” I whispered back.

“Can we be friends?” she asked.

“But I thought we were already friends?” I answered smiling.

“Okay thanks. Actually I’m not good at Maths, so I hope you can help sometimes.”

“Okay, no problem,” I replied.

“But you shouldn’t have done that,” she said and I stared at her because I couldn’t get what she was driving at.

“What?” I asked.

“You shouldn’t have corrected her.”

“Huh! Why?” I asked again.

“She is the daughter of one of the founders of this school and she is very mean. She can revoke your admission in just a minute when she gets angry. Thank God her gang are not back yet,” she said and I opened my mouth in shock, while I tried to process the information given to me.

No wonder no one stood up to correct her, i hope she wouldn’t revoke my admission.


I got home tired and stressed out. I entered my room and dropped my bag on the bed, I pulled my uniform and wore a T-shirt and a knicker. Oh my gosh, I’m starving!

I hurried to the kitchen and took two packets of noodles from the shelf. I looked around to see if anybody was watching and for any surveillance cameras. I smiled when I saw none. Since I had a long day, I was too tired to cook. I said just some words and my noodles were ready. I wondered when Dad would come back.

After eating, I went upstairs to sleep; then I saw a message informing me that my Dad was going to be on the night shift.

I needed to sleep early, so that I could wake up early tomorrow.

Dave’s POV

“Argh! What the hell,” I muttered, using my hand to block the light that shone on my face obviously from the window. I was still in bed. I opened my eyes and saw Drake and Daniel, my childhood friends standing by the window. Joy killers.

“Morning Dave,” Drake greeted, but I ignored him.

“What are you guys doing in my room?” I asked turning on my bed.

“What else but to get you ready for school,” Daniel said with his hands crossed.

“What! I’m not going anywhere. I want to sleep, I’m tired.”

“Come on! That was the behaviour you put up last semester. We are getting late.”

“I said I’m not going anywhere,” I said sitting up, “just go.”

“You know that’s impossible, we can’t go without you,” Daniel said.

“Then don’t go and leave me alone,” I said and lay down using the blanket to cover my body and pretended to be sleeping.

I suddenly felt hands on my body and opened my eyes only to see them trying to drag me from my bed.

“What are you doing?” I screamed.

“Getting you out of bed,” Daniel replied laughing.

“Leave me alone,” I shouted and struggled, but it was all to no avail. These guys are impossible!

They dragged me to the bathroom, switched on the shower on me, and that was when I gave up. After all they’ve already spoilt my sleep.

Princess’s POV

I walked sluggishly with Eva and Gabriel my new best friends. Although it hasn’t been long since I met them, they have proven to be good friends. Somehow we’ve gotten really close and we know virtually everything about each other. But the only thing they didn’t know about me was the fact that I was a mermaid.

“Okay, I have to go now see you girls later,” Gabriel said stopping.

“Okay,” Eva replied.

“Hey what’s wrong with you she asked with those searching eyes.

“What!” I stammered, “Uhmm… nothing.”

“But you’ve been quiet and I don’t think you heard what I was saying.”

“I’m sorry about that,” I apologised.

“Okay, but what were you thinking about?”

“Nothing,” I replied.

“That’s a lie,” she said folding her arms.
I keep forgetting that she knew me too well.

“I was just thinking about the movie we saw yesterday. It still baffles me, how can a human being die for love? And it wasn’t even genuine,” I said, trying my luck.

“Well that’s love for you. You’ve never experienced it before. That’s why you are saying this,” she said and we continued walking.

Honestly, it wasn’t the movie I was thinking about, but my transformation which was few days away. Suddenly everybody started running towards the main hall shouting
“They are here.”

Eva dragged me, and we followed the students to the hall. We got to the hall, but it was already filled with students. Eva found her way through the crowd while I stayed outside because each time I tried to go inside, I would be pushed out.

“My crush is so cute,” one of the girls close to where I was shouted. “Look at his face, he looks like an angel.”

The truth was that I couldn’t see anything and the shouting and screaming really made me curious. I looked at Eva and saw her smiling. She had obviously seen them. I let out a sigh and walked away from the crowd.

I wonder who they were talking about. I walked sluggishly to the hallway to wait for Eva. I saw three boys in uniform suits walking towards me. I took my eyes off them, but something told me to look again and I did.

One face was so familiar… where did I see him? Huh! Arrogant jerk! What was he doing here?

He was coming my way, and I needed to do something. I looked around and saw an open door. I quickly opened it, and hid behind the door. The suit must have cost him fortune.

They got to where I was before and I held my breathe. He paused for a minute before they continued walking.

Wait, why was I I even hiding? I didn’t do anything wrong. He deserved what I did to him. I waited few minutes before coming out in the belief that prevention was better than cure. I saw Eva and came out.

“What were you doing there?” she asked.

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