Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 6)

Continued from the last part…

Cole’s POV

“Aaaah!” she yelled with a high-pitched voice. She closed her eyes and turned, trying to open the door, but the door just wouldn’t budge. I was completely shocked to my bones. What possibly could Averill Campbell be doing in my home, talk more of my room?

I finally regained my bearings, and although I was still naked and Averill was still trying to get the door open, I picked up my towel and quickly tied it round my waist.

“What the hell do you think your doing here?” I asked her, while keeping a really serious face. She slowly turned towards me, with her eyes still closed. “I’m not naked, so you can open your silly eyes and answer my question.

She slowly did that and just stared blindly at me, as if she hadn’t seen me before. I followed her line of vision, and it lead to my bare chest.

“What are you staring at?” I said while coughing and using my hands to cover
my chest.

“Uhmmm… I’m really sorry,” Averill said looking away.

“Well it’s okay, but you haven’t answered my question about what you’re doing here,” I said, now putting on a more serious face.

“Uhmm well…”

“Uhmm well what?” I asked her, after she wasn’t talking.

“Uhmm well… it’s just that my mom…actually your mom…”

“Correction, Aunt,” I said with a grin. How could she say Aunt Mia was my mum? Gross I can’t imagine that.

“Sorry, it was a mistake. Your aunt Mia had asked my mum to bring the cake and decoration samples for your dad’s
wedding, but my mum was really busy and hooked up on work, so she sent me instead.”

“But that does not explain why your in my room!” I said as my anger cooled down.

“Well, I had mistakenly lost my way, and I had entered this room unaware that it was
yours. I had entered your room while trying to hide from…” she did not finish her sentence.

“Hiding from who?” I asked, looking directly into her eyes, but she found it hard to reply.

Aunt Mia’s POV

I had waited for about three hours now, and I was yet to see Mrs. Campbell or her daughter. Smith had come up and had met me in such a worried state and he was a bit concerned. He demanded to know what the problem was and I told him.

He laughed at me and told me that Averill had come about an hour ago and I was yet to see her. I did not find it really funny with him, so I stormed off in search of Averill, maybe she had lost her way. I would certainly deal with my fiancé later on.

I kept on yelling and screaming her name around the house but to no avail; there was no response. Where could she possibly be now? I wondered. Maybe I should ask Cole; maybe he might have seen her.

I headed off to his room, I opened his room’s door and I was shocked and happy by what I saw.

“Averill,” I said with a girlish giggle. She suddenly turned and looked at me. “I have been waiting for you for so long. And you were… hmm…” I coughed back my words, but Cole and Averill were quick to understand what I wanted to say.

“Noooo! That’s not true. Whatever you may be thinking or imagining is truly
trash,” Cole said, trying to defend the both of them

Averill too tried clearing the air about what I
just saw. We finally concluded that nothing took place. Then Averill and I left Cole’s room
I was still smiling about what just happened.

Eliana’s POV

The principal had given Dash detention and had assigned him to wash all the plates in the cafeteria. I just couldn’t go home. I was so damn worried about him, so I stayed back. When I found out that the principal had left, I went into the cafeteria, and to the dish wash room.

Dash was busy washing the dishes by the sink. I ran towards him and embraced him from behind. I cried out to him.

“I am really really sorry Dash, I did not want you to put you in any form of trouble or this situation. I am really really sorry, pls don’t get mad at me. You know I won’t be happy If you’re angry at me. Please forgive me,” I repeatedly said.

Dash turned and wiped my tears.” Come on Eliana, you know better than this. You know I can’t get angry at you for no just cause. I’m not angry nor am I mad at you even one bit. Come on don’t cry anymore. Wipe your tears. And beside it’s not your fault, it’s all mine. I knew the rules, yet I stupidly went against them, and now am paying for my mistakes. So come on Eliana, don’t cry. I am not mad at you,” he said pitifully.

“You promise you’re not mad at me? I said to him.

“Of course, I do,” he said to me, and then we kissed passionately. “Promise me you won’t cry anymore,” he said after he had withdrawn his lips.

“I won’t. See I am no longer crying,” I chuckled as I cleaned my face up.

“OK. Well you should wait for me. I’ll be done in a sec,” he said.

“You know Dash, maybe I should help you,” I persisted before he finally gave in. We began washing, rinsing, cleaning and arranging the dishes on the the dish stand. I smiled at Dash anytime he looked at me. This was my one true love who I could never hurt, and who would never think of hurting me.

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