Calming Tides

I’m those bundles of waves
who once thought I’d never make it to the shore not that I didn’t want to
but because I could not.
Still I strive to push others to.
In hopes that they come back
free and fulfilled.

I’m the pillar of many waves,
the epicenter of their existence.
I live so others may;
I live not for myself
but for the good of others.

The distant waves are feared by all;
considered to be too dangerous
but the waves on the shore deceive you to come play and then they carry you into the salty sea against your will to live.

But I’m what people do not see.
And I’m not what they see either.
I’m the soft waves which give balance.

I’m the waves which whisper words that gives you the resolve to swim against the tides.
I’m a surviving wave; I survived myself and I’ll survive anything.
And yes, I’m calm, encouraging and caring.
I’m a whole lot more than you could ever see, think or even imagine.

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