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Summer Rose (Part 7)

Continued from the last part…

There was an incessant pounding on the door, the noise roused her from her sleep. She was terrified. She was the only one at home. Ifeanyi and Lilian had gone on a romantic trip to Dubai, and Kola had gone his one week leave. She wondered how the person got through the gate and to the front door. She tiptoed closer to the door and peered through the keyhole.

“What is he doing here?” Her eyes widened in shock.

A gruff voice came from outside the door. “I know you are in there!”

There was tension within her. She unlocked the door and gently opened it. He pushed his way through the door and slammed it.

“Are you having an affair with your new boss?” Anger was emanating from him.

“So what? We are not together anymore!”

“We recently broke up and you are already into a new relationship?”

“You brought another woman to the office as your fiancée, you even made me watch every day!”

“I never wanted to end things with you Rose. My parents forced me…”


When it was 7:30 p.m, Daniel rushed over to Rose’s place. He was surprised to see the gate wide open. He heard noises coming from inside the house, he immediately increased his pace. He leaned on the door and listened.

“…Rose, I want you back. I have realized my mistake.”

“Too late! I’m in love with someone else.”


“I’m in love with Daniel Efe!”

He slapped her across the face. She shrieked, her cry jolted Daniel, he pushed through the door and made his way into the house. He pounced on David and released punches on him. Rose called the police and in no time, the police arrived and took David away.

“Was that your ex?”

“Yes, that’s David Olawale, my ex-boyfriend.”

“David Olawale?”

“Yes. Do you know him?”

“I’m not certain about that love, but I will have to find out.”

He stood up at once and dashed out of the house.

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