Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 5)

Continued from the last part…

Eliana’s POV

“Dash what the hell were you thinking earlier?” I asked screaming out my frustration.

Dash had gotten us into big trouble. When we finished kissing, the teacher had gotten so angry that she had to send us out of the class on the basis of distracting her class.

We went to the principal’s office to wait for our punishment, if there was any. The most annoying part of it all was that Dash was neither worried nor sad, he just relaxed on the guest couch listening to whatever song he cared to listen to.

When I had finally realized that I had been talking to my self all this while, I screamed in disappointment. I finally settled down beside him still angry about what just happened and what was to come when the principal comes back from wherever she went to.

About five minutes later, the principal entered her office looking a bit angry. She glared at us for a while; man I’m totally dead. She continuously shook her head as if to show how disappointed she was and I felt really bad.

I was quick to try to prove my innocence, but was interrupted halfway.

“Miss Eliana, do you know the consequences of the action you and your boyfriend just committed in the class? And to top it all, it was in-between lectures for Goodness sake! Were you not aware of the school’s rule which is totally against immoralities in school? I mean what were you both thinking when you just decided to kiss in class and interrupt a teacher’s lecture? I have always kept quiet whenever some news such as this are brought to me. But I can’t let this go easily. You were both aware that lectures were going on but you just decided to go against the school’s rules because you felt that you would always go free. But no not this time around.”

I quickly interrupted her, “Excuse me Ma. It’s not what you actually think. It was not my fault but Dash’s—”

“Oh please shut up!” she yelled angrily at me, “Did Dash force you to continue kissing him? If you had refused when he had just started kissing you, would it have in any way resulted to this? And now you are trying to tell me that it wasn’t your fault but Dash’s. Please that argument doesn’t hold water. Such nonsense.”

Dash’s POV

I could not stand the principal talking so rudely to Eliana who was already panting
and filled with fear. I decided to cut in.

“Actually Ma, it’s totally my fault. Eliana isn’t to be blamed. I was the one who actually got her into this huge mess. And am really sorry about it.”

“So Mister Dash, I can see that you’re trying to protect your girlfriend. Well nice try but no worries. She is free to go, but you’re not. You will receive the full punishment,” she said, then turning to Eliana, she added, “Eliana you’re free to go. But I just want to remind you that such should never happen again. It can take place anywhere but not in my school’s premises. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am,” Eliana said, with tear-filled eyes. I felt really sorry for her. She walked rather sluggishly to the door, while I and the principal just stared at her. She turned and looked at me with her tear-filled sad eyes.
“Dash,” she called slowly.

“I be fine,” I replied to her call.

She finally left and closed the door behind her, leaving me and the principal alone.

Averill’s POV

Mrs. Mia had phoned mom and requested for her to send the designs she intended to use for the wedding cake. Mom was busy as usual, so she decided to send me in place of her.

I took the public bus as always. The bus stopped just in front of her house. I alighted
It was actually my first time of coming here and I looked around, seeing the Smith’s house. There were actually two buildings beside theirs and I wondered which would be Mac’s, our school’s winning loser. I decided to put on my best behavior as I pressed the door bell and it was Mr. Smith who opened the door.

I greeted him and told him my mission, he directed me to where I would see Mrs. Mia.
I suddenly lost my way because I was distracted, so I started walking round and round the house but to no avail. I could not even find my direction back to Mr. Smith; I was just confused as the house was really big. How could someone live in such a huge building? Then my mind suddenly drifted to Cole. I had totally forgotten all about him;
I was in his house and he would probably be somewhere around. I’d better get going before I run into him and fall love n’y staring at him.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was probably Cole. What should I do? My mind raced through different suggestions, but I decided to enter the room closest to me. Though it was closed it wasn’t locked and I entered not even caring to take a proper look round the room.

I turned and gasped.

Cole’ POV

I had just freshened up a bit, my mind was just in serious thoughts of Averill. I would soon go nuts because of her. I chuckled at the thought of that.

Damn it! Not again. For how long would this keep going on? I had forgotten my bathing towel again, and had come into the bathroom without it. I had no choice than to come out naked. My towel was on the other side of the room and it made me a bit furious. I headed for it, picked it up and used it in drying my whole body.

I dropped the towel on the bed and suddenly feeling in the mood to dance, I started dancing and going backwards (moonwalk style). And when I eventually turned I bumped into someone, the next thing that filled the whole house was loud screams.

Then I yelled, “Averill?”

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