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I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me (Part 5)

Continued from the last part…

I was so confused and frustrated. I just broke down and started crying. Tobi was clearly confused, he had never seen me in this state before. Usually, I don’t cry especially in public, but this time around it, seemed like the tears had a mind of its own. It’s kept flowing like an open tap and dabbing at my cheeks with my kerchief didn’t make it any better.

It was a good thing we aren’t allowed to use make-up in school. I’m sure the scary path created on my cheeks by the mascara would make quite a gory sight.

My head was still spinning with thoughts. I didn’t realize I was in Tobi’s arm. I was literally hugging him and he was stroking my hair, saying things I didn’t quite hear till now.

“Gracie.. Don’t cry… Crying won’t solve anything…”

Wow, I relished the comfort in his arms. It was better than laying in bed with my pillows. He had a body that was firm yet felt soft enough for me to melt inside. The smell of his cologne filled my noise. Not too strong like Dad’s. It was perfect.

He soon stopped talking, but his left hand kept stroking my hair while the other held me close. His heart was beating fast… so was mine. I think both hearts found a rhythm and played along in synchrony.

“Gracie what are you doing?” my head screamed

“Leave now before…”

Tobi’s hands traced the outline of my face…slowly. Then he tilted my jaw upwards to face him.

“Gracie, I promise you.. We are going to find whoever is behind this okay?” His eyes searched mine. He broke into the windows of my soul.

All I could see was his lips…

No… All I could feel was his lips on mine. It tasted like pure heaven, an exotic non-alcoholic wine. I felt like I was swinging on vines of deliciousness. I don’t even know what that statement means. His lips were vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping… then sprinkles… Rainbow sprinkles.

Wait a minute.. Oh… My…God! This wasn’t supposed to happen. “I tried to warn you,” my mind nagged.

I broke the kiss and hurried off without the courtesy of even a goodbye to a great kisser.
I heard him call out to me, apologizing but I couldn’t turn back.

I had to be home ASAP.


“For someone who is trying to stay away from Tobi, you have done a great job so far.” Here we go again with the mental nagging.

“It’s not like that… everything happened so fast,” I tried to defend myself.

“One moment you were crying, the next moment, you were admiring his perfume, then boom! There were fireworks everywhere ’cause you are kissing him. What if the stranger saw you guys? Forget the stranger, what if a teacher or student spotted you guys? You could have landed yourself in a serious mess. I need not remind you the kind of father you have.”

At the mention of my Dad I started trembling.

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