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My Silvery Hair (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

Princess’s POV

I looked out through the window of the car, thinking about all the things I was leaving behind.

My friends, my school, and the home I’ve known for the past eighteen years.

Yeah I turned eighteen last year and we were moving because Dad got transferred from his place of work (he is a police detective).

I know you guys must be wondering how I have lived for the past eighteen years. Well we moved from the from our former house to the house that we are currently living because my silvery hair caused a lot of attention. When I turned five, I made it a habit of dyeing my hair every week because it kept getting brighter, but the problem was that once water touched it, it immediately returned to it’s colour. So I always wore a wig around just in case the rain comes unexpectedly.

In school, I was a genius; though I don’t really pay attention in class, I was still the best. The teachers usually said I was mischievous and stubborn, although I don’t think so. Or maybe I really am?

My dad had refused to get married again. Maybe it was to my advantage because I have read about how step mothers treated their children and I don’t want that to happen to me. I wasn’t born into a rich family, my dad is a police detective.

I got a scholarship to study in any high school of my choice, so I decided to choose the school of the high and mighty as it was popularly called. It was a school for the rich and talented. Ordinarily, my dad wouldn’t have been able to pay the school fees because they were much, but with the scholarship, the school fees was no longer a problem.

True to the goddess’s words, I was given my powers on my eighteenth birthday and it started manifesting at midnight, but there was a condition attached to it; which is, I would always change on my date of birth every month at midnight. It was all to charge my powers, but I could only change to my mermaid self under a cool and silent atmosphere.


Princess’s POV

The first few months after my birthday each year was really tough for me, but I soon got used to it. Another problem I faced was my hair. It flowed down to my waist and each time I cut it, it will grown back within a week to its original length. So I decided not to cut it again but to take care of it; after all my mom said it is serving a purpose in my life.

“We are home,” my dad said stopping the car and that brought me out of my thoughts. Wow we’ve finally arrived.

I came down from the car and watched my father moved to the trunk to bring out our luggage. I helped him with mine inside the new house.

Okay I must confess, this house wasn’t bad. It was way better than our former house. It was a two bedroom flat with a bathroom and toilet in each room, and to crown it all, it had a swimming pool at the back of the house. I smiled

“I told you you will like it,” my dad said. I think he saw me smile. “And as for your friends, you are going to make new ones.”

Yeah maybe he was right. Of course I was going to make new ones.

“Okay Dad,” I said going to my room.

“Good night Princess,” I heard him say.

“Good night dad,” I replied and entered my room.

My dad knew pink was my best colour so he decorated my room in pink.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. My new name is Pascal Princess Prianca. The surname is Pascal, my name is Princess Prianca. I prefer using Prianca because I was tired of Princess but I often used them together because they sounded good together. Princess Prianca.

I carefully arranged my clothes and my new uniform. Then I switched on my alarm clock and placed it near my bed. I don’t want to be late on my first day to school. I will be resuming tomorrow and unlike my previous school where I was the best when it comes to latecomers, I wanted to change for the better when it comes to coming early to school.

I lay down on my already made bed exhausted. I don’t think bathing would still be possible tonight.

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