African Pitfalls

Way back in time,
men once lived in caves.
From Djibouti
to Tahiti,
they survived the caves.
They once lived like titans;
men of valor so brave.
Though led by chiefs and sultans,
yet they faced the assault of the grave.
These men weren’t mutants
that needed to be saved.
Their culture and acquaintance,
became a new octave.

From the Kilimanjaro
to the waterfalls of Shiriro,
they are endowed with natural beauty.
But they chose colony
in place of harmony,
and abandoned their duties.

Though called developing
by the rest of the world;
yet they keep eloping,
their chance to storm the world.
Acting like primate in a dungeon,
they thought their skin brought to them darkness.
These men stayed in mental idleness,
most of the days of their life.

They embraced religion ignorantly,
and reneged on civility incessantly.
Drunken with greed,
with mundane allotments;
they willingly betrayed the black greed,
for grains
and gains of entertainment.

In a land declared slave free,
dictators still control the economy.
Stashing monies and spending spree,
impoverishing and extinguishing families;
Making indigenes to be pilgrims
in the continent they called fatherland.

Oh! What can be done
to redeem motherland,
from the fangs of backwardness,
from the claws of lawlessness.
If only true patriotism can be reborn,
then we stand a chance to get out of these quagmire.

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