We are the Girl Child

We’re not just dreamers but achievers.
We’re not just a she-kangaroo with pouches for babies but we’re the bamboo from which the world hangs.

Express expressly to the girl child,
that her worth is immeasurable;
that she is second to no sex.
that she is not an item to be traded by barter.
that her body is an edifice of sanctity.

Tell her, that her body is no exchange system.
That her body is not a ladder to the top but that her dreams is a ladder to those who fear to walk the path bedeviled by uncertainties.
Tell her to aspire.
Tell her to inspire.

When you have a girl-child, please tell her she can’t be as strong as a man but that she’s stronger than a man.
Tell her of her greatness written among the stars.

Tell her how the night shone brighter at her birth.
Tell her how she burst forth like the morning sun in all its goodness.
Tell her how blessed she is.
Tell her how proud of her you are.

Dear Girl-Child,
Do you know who you are?
You’re a walking aura of beautitude.
My heart skips at the breathtaking sight of how the Creator had taken His time to edify you in his graciousness.
The potter took His time with you as His piece, sculpting you into His perfection.

Do not settle for less.
Do not look down on your sex.
Be bold, be brazen.
Be educated. Be magnificent.
Be you. Be a She.
It’s who you are.
Be unapologetically female.

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