Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 3)

Continued from the last part…

Averill’s POV

I had gone to help mum, at the bakery shop, there were a lot of thing’s to do, so she had asked me to come help at least. The bakery was really big, with a lot of workers each performing their duties.

Mom was one of the bakers on duty today. And they had a contract of about six thousand dollars to bake about 100 pieces of cake. So mum would need some help, that was why she requested that I come.

I quickly found my way through the kitchen. Mum was looking so dejected and sweaty when I met her. I felt a lot of pity for her.

“Back to school? So soon?” she asked me while putting some cakes into the oven.

“Yeah, we closed rather early today, because we just resumed.”

“Thank God, at least you can help me. Well young lady, you better get changed quickly.”

“Yes mum,” I said heading for the ladies’ changing room.

Oriana’s POV

“You know Eliana, I did not see Mac in school today. That jerk!”

“Oriana, why are you looking for a loser like Mac.”

“I wasn’t looking for him, I was just asking.”

“Well don’t ask me, I don’t look like his girlfriend.”

“And who could possibly be his said girlfriend, Eliana?” I asked her expecting a reply, but she never said anything. “Come on Elaina, say something.”

“I would have told you, but I definitely know you too well to tell you that kind of secret, because you would just blurt it out to everybody else.” After some seconds, she asked me, “So how do I look?”

“You look horrible,” I said leaving her room. Although she was my own twin sister, she kept everything from me. But eventually I would still find out the girl Mac was dating.

Mac’s POV

Heading out to see Nicole and Sylvie was like a suicide mission. I couldn’t even stand seeing them both together, I would just do something stupid that I would regret later.

Why was I acting this way? Why am I always getting jealous whenever Sylvie was with Cole? But it should not be like this, I mean, they have been dating for so long now and I wasn’t that jealous.

But now… man! I really need to control myself, before my jealously gets out of the line. The last thing I would want now is for anybody to find out about me and Sylvie’s secret relationship.

Sylvie’s POV

I returned home just in time, before dad came back, Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner and my baby brother Maxwell was rolling about on the kitchen floor.

“Hey Max, I said while lifting him up.

“Good evening Sweetie,” Mom said pecking my cheeks.

“What’s cooking?”

“Tomato sauce and potatoes.”

“Yummy. That’s our favourite—Max and I.”

“Well you can help me by setting up the dinner table.”

“Of course mum.” I dropped Max back on the floor, and went over to the dinner table. Few minutes later we all finished eating,

Mom cleared the dishes, and Maxwell was already sleeping on the couch. Dad walked in.

“You’re late!” I blurted out to him. I folded my arms and gave him a disapproving look.

“Sorry hun, office duties. We were cracking a really huge criminal case.”

“But you shouldn’t have returned home so late.”

“My apologies.”

“Well it’s OK, your food is on the dinner table. But you better go talk to your wife because she is really upset with you.”

“I will,” he said and kissed my forehead.”

“Good night Sylvie, sweet dreams.”

“Good night dad,”I said heading upstairs to my room.

I wasn’t able to sleep, so I just stood by my room’s window, looking at the dark sky. It’s going rain, I said to my self.

I thought about what happened today at Cole’s place. I really felt sad for what I did to Mac, I was really sorry, I just wanted to make him feel a little jealous.

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