Toilet Thoughts

“When mere men learn to console themselves
demigods and demons will learn to cry.”

Grief is a feeling orchestrated by forces of darkness
who sings lullabies in the ears of we earthly beings
that this emotion is quite conventional
and absolutely phenomenal.

This is an ideology of the bereft;
one in which the acceptance of a loved one’s death
comes at a great cost.
There’s always a price to pay;
it’s currency ranges from depression, suicide
and total loss from the world.

Death is the curse of earthly men.
We live to disintegrate.
Our flesh is lowered to rotten in the earth;
the birth and beginning of our instauration.
Our soul drifts to bear the query tendered by the Maker.
Our heart is left suspended in the world;
watching over those we’ve learned to love.

Can we now say that
Death after all is not a bad thing;
when you take away the memories of the dead.
But memories are effigies we dare not tamper with.

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