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My Silvery Hair (Episode One)

“Where is my princess?” the goddess roared in anger, causing her maids to shiver. “Are you deaf or has your tongues been caught off?” she asked angrily.

“My Queen…” began one of the maids.

“Yes, speak up,” the goddess shouted.

“The… the… the princess went to the river bank,” the maid said and immediately went on her knees. “Please have mercy, I tried to stop her, but she refused and ordered me to go back, and in regards to the law, I cannot disobey her.”

The Queen heaved a sigh and went back to the throne which she had abandoned out of anger.

“When will this daughter of mine realise that I’m doing all these for her own good? The outside world of humans is a wicked place and I’m just trying to protect her.” She stopped speaking and immediately, a bell rang before a woman appeared in the Seeing Mirror, pleading with the goddess to give her a child.

“Are you going to grant her request?” her right hand man asked, “she is not one of your servants.”

“Yes she is not one but why not make her one by granting her request? Give me all the information about her,” she said turning to him, who in turn told her everything including the woman’s foreseen future.

A mischievous grin crept over her face…

Princess’s POV

My mother was a kind ruler who ruled with love and mercy and I know that most of my good qualities came from her.

The only thing I don’t understand about my mother is her behaviour towards humans. She helped and hated them at the same time. I mean, how could she call those adorable creatures evil? Why was she trying to keep me from them when she knows how much I loved them, and that if given the opportunity to live as a human, I would be very happy?

The screaming bells brought me back from my reverie.

Oops! I think I have been caught, because my mum was standing right in front of me.

“Where are you coming from?” she asked.

Well she was calm today, because most of the time, she often roared. I mean, I was her only child, was she not supposed to pamper me?

Well she knew the answer to the question she just asked.

“I’m sorry mum, please forgive me,” I pleaded and heard her sigh.

“Go inside, we will talk about that tomorrow,” she said.

She was acting weird, because this was very unlike her. Anyways I thanked my stars, I wasn’t ready for another scolding tonight.

I swam towards the glittering cave made specially for me.


I opened my eyes to feel the hands of someone on my mermaid’s tail, tapping me softly and I realised that it was morning.

“What is it?” I asked the maid, wondering why she woke me up when she knew very well that I hated it.

“The Queen Goddess wants you in her presence,” she said bowing.

I got up and stretched my hands before going out to see my mother. I got there and after listening to her nag about what happened yesterday for a while, I lost interest because I have had this same conversation with her several times. When would my mother acknowledge the fact that I was no longer a kid? I can take care of myself for crying out loud.

“So what do you think about going to the world of humans?”

*Wait a minute, I looked around to see if she was talking to someone else but there was no one there.*

“What! Yes, yes of course. I would love to,” I quickly replied while she smiled a bit. Was I dreaming.

“You will be leaving for the world of the humans tomorrow, but before then, you will be fortified and that will take place tonight. So get ready and do whatever you want to do now, because you will be staying for a long time.”

Wow, I couldn’t believe that soon, I would be living in the world of my dreams. The same world I dream about every night. I hope she doesn’t change her mind, and if this was a dream, I don’t wish to wake up.

And truely it wasn’t a dream. That day, I visited my friends and did all the necessary things I needed to do. When night came, I was fortified and taught the commandments of the sea concerning a soon-to-be human. I was told that my powers would start manifesting once I clocked eighteen.

Right now, I am my way to the world of humans. I don’t know what the future holds for me. All I knew was… I’m excited!

Hannah’s POV

“Oh my God!” I screamed, looking at the results again. “I can’t wait to give him the news. I can’t believe it, after eight years of marriage, I’m finally pregnant. Thank you great goddess. I’m sure he would be pleased.”

Just then I heard the honk of his car horn and sat down, waiting for him to come inside. The door opened and I stood up to meet him.

“Welcome sweetheart,” I said taking his briefcase and planted a kiss on his lips.” How was work today?” I asked

“Stressful as usual,” he replied taking off his jacket. He went up stairs and I followed him. He got to our room, sat down and started removing his shoes. He raised his head when he noticed that I was still standing.

“What is it?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

“I have some news for you,” I replied smiling.

“What news?” He asked, and I brought out the test results and gave it to him. “I have been feeling dizzy and weak lately, so I went to the hospital for check-up and that is the result.”

He looked at me, then at the paper, and finally at my stomach.

“Are you serious? I hope you are not pulling my legs” he asked standing up.

“Of course not. How can I joke about such a thing??+

“Yes!” he screamed and lifted me from the ground and spun me around in a bridal style. I perfectly understood his joy. Who wouldn’t be happy about such a thing after eight years of marriage?

Princess’s POV

I’m already here but I’m not out yet. I could hear some noises but I couldn’t move my body.

Read Episode Two.

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