Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 2)

Continued from the last part…

Cole’s POV

Sylvie had decided to come over after school. All I needed to do was to put everything perfectly in place. ThankGod Aunt Mia had gone home to see her family, and dad had gone her. Buster (our family dog) and I were the only one’s at home. Finally I got everything in place. I heard the chime of the bell downstairs, and thinking it must be Sylvie, I hurriedly ran downstairs.

But to my up utmost surprise, it was just Mrs. Maria, our next door neighbour and Mac’s mom—our school’s biggest jerk and twenty times award winning loser. Why did she have to come at the perfect wrong time? Show spoiler.

“Uhmm Cole, is you’re dad around?” she asked looking so dejected.

“Well, he is not around. He went with his fiancée to her parents’ home,” I replied rudely.

“OK. I just wanted to drop a message, but since he is not around, maybe I come back later. But uhmm Nicole…?” she said standing halfway on her way back to her house.

“Huh?” What does this old woman want this time around?

“Don’t worry, forget it, maybe some other time,” she said and finally left, while I hurriedly shut the door behind her.

“Hmmm,” I heaved a huge sigh of relief, as I rested on the door. Immediately, a knock came. I opened the door and yelled, “What do you…?” I stopped halfway and swallowed my words because it wasn’t Mrs Maria but Sylvie.

“Hey,” she said shyly

“Come in, come on in,” I ushered her in quickly, at least to clear any doubts she might be having right now.

Sylvie’s POV

Cole was acting a bit strange, or should I rather say weird? He had yelled when he opened the door. Did he mistake me for someone else? Or maybe he forgot about our home date?

“So any plans for today?” I finally said, breaking the long silence between us.

“Well I have a lot of plans for the both of us actually. I had been working on them before you came.”

“Can I see them? I asked him.

We both headed upstairs towards Nicole’s room which was in a total mess.

“Now I know why Aunt Mia calls you a dump man or trash man.” I sat on his bed clutching his teddy bear while he cleaned his untidy room.

“You know, it’s been a long time we made out,” I told him, fixing my gaze at Mac’s window, I could see him clearly, arranging some stuffs.

“Jerk!” I blurted out, but not to the hearing of Cole.

Cole immediately understood what I and came to me. He started hugging and touching me.

“You know I really love to, but not here. My dad can come in at anytime and would be really mad if he catches us under the sheets naked. Maybe some other time,” he said. He gently kissed my lips and I pressed on.

I was not angry that we did not make out. I didn’t want to do that with Cole. Gross. That was the last thing I would want to do with him, I was just putting up an act.

Someone was already getting jealous and angry. Cole had been backing Mac and facing his room while I was facing Mac and backing Cole’s room. When Mac could not bear seeing us together much longer, he quickly left, looking really angry.

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