When She Says No

On the eve of a new week,
I saw this stunning chick,
who got my cheek
reeling like a surprised freak.

I winked and smiled at her;
coming closer to her;
my every steps getting closer,
I felt we synced at once.

At three inches from her embrace;
my heart was in a race.
Sequestered by her space,
words left me when I reached her face.

But I could still say:
“Hello, charming lady”
“I was held spellbound by your beauty”
“my name is …”
“can we talk better over a drink?”

As she opened her lips to speak,
there was a spark of love,
which made me not hear what she said;
but the last word from her lips “No,”
kept repeating in my head.

Though she said ‘no’,
yet I could tell from her eyes
that what she really meant
was “No! Not now but I would really want to”
from her stare we weren’t done…

When she said no,
she had a double mind.
When she said no,
some part of her wanted me.
When she said no,
she really wanted to give it a second thought….

No doesn’t mean never,
it simply means not now!
if you can push further,
you might be given half a shot.
When she said no,
she is processing *N* ew *O* pportunity

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