Mistaken Identities

A twist of fate unknotted.
The wheel of time unravelled.
What was once one, now two,
A broken entity spawning two consciousness.
But one is still the other,
A fragment of an unwilling mitosis.
Halved, but precariously full.
One without the other is none.
Sentience prevailed and apart they drift
The concept of civilization alien but embraced.
A constant attrition of malevolence and benevolence,
The embodiment of good and evil they became.
Hosts from billions of galaxies contemplated.
A mind supple but resilient they seek.
How best to maximize their individual reach
Into human babies the final verdict.
Twin they are, and twin their candidates must be.
Their force of will melding with innocence.
The pure tainted,
The incorruptible corrupted.
But the universe wasn’t asleep.
Forces this great can’t be left in close proximity unchecked.

As a last tantrum by a losing father.
The twins are swapped at birth.
An unwilling party inadvertently introduced..
Far apart the entities are thrown.
A twin, a single progeny they were raised as,
Different ideals, separate ways being explored.
Splendour and silver chance played on the twin,
As a balance, squalor and chains the world brought to the other.
The supple minds grew strong,
The fragile bones became iron..
Out of two, one has a body, with two faces.
A twin, or, an indifferent, inconsiderate human or a doting being?
Connfused about itself.
A soul with two personalities.
Whose soul was divided but tried to glue it all up.
It was a big mistake, all the glue got used up.
It still had the body, mind and spirit to deal with.
The mirror had cracked when the twin saw the true form.
A monster.
Two babies, different personalities

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