Love and RomanceSeries

Lover’s Lust (Part 1)

Cole’s POV

The sun shone so brightly at its highest peak. I could feel the hottest even under my bedsheet. The lovely smell of pancakes filled the whole house, I knew it would be no other person than Aunt Mia. I keep on wondering how that woman had the time to do such things. I did not have any single strength left in me to try and help downstairs, so I just laid back on my bed. Until aunt Mia came into my room carrying a handful plate of pancakes, I could not believe my eyes.

Did she suddenly change over night? Or was she just putting up an act because Dad was around? Well I couldn’t just let this opportunity pass me by, I quickly ate the pancakes.

I dashed into my bathroom, to get ready for school.

Well before I go on with my story, my name is Cole Smith, the only child of Mayor Smith. I lost my mum in a tragic operation when I was still just a young boy. My dad was the only parent I had. Well he recently got engaged to Aunt Mia, a witch precisely, who claimed to be kind and good whenever my dad was around and when he was not, she was… what’s the opposite of kind?

Heading out, I drove off in my newly bought Bugatti car, which my dad recently gave to me on my last birthday. We were extremely rich, so I was always given anything I asked for. It didn’t take long before I arrived at the school compound. I drove to the parking lot, parked and headed to class.

Averill’s POV

“Urggh, stupid thing,” I yelled, and kicked as the engine of my old wagon car refused to start. Not another horrible day. It seemed that I had to walk, or maybe board a public bus to school this morning as getting a cab would be
quite expensive. So I’d rather take the bus, though I may be three or four minutes late.

Just at the exact time, the bus pulled up at the bus stop and I entered while few people alighted. I heaved a sign of relief; at least I could still make it to school. 1:59 monutes later, I was already in the school, and running to class.

I suddenly rushed in while the teacher was explaining something and I became the center of attraction
of the whole class. Our geography teacher offered me a seat, which I shyly walked to with my head bowed. After finally settling down,
I got the perfect view of everyone; they were all looking pretty and beautiful, while I was just looking odd among them.

Sylvie’s POV

It did not take long before the lectures ended, and the teacher left. Everyone began chatting up with each other
just as always. I would have loved to go to Cole, but my pride wouldn’t let me. Ever since we began dating,
we have been shy to always talk to each other.
And we hardly even chatted with on social media although we were always active
while on holidays.

I just kept on staring at him,
until he finally noticed my stares and came over. I pretended as if I hadn’t been staring at him.

“Hey babe,” he whispered into my ear, sending a cool chill down my spine.

“Hey,” I replied staring at nothing in particular.

“Saw the stares,” he said and kissed me.

I could not speak as my lips were already locked up in his.

Read Part Two.

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