Love Fever

Oh! Just what!
What have you done?
You’ve lovingly wronged me.
Pelting me with the red dyes
of love and ultimate want.

What tongue have my tongue learnt?
Ever itching to blurt those words..
only at the irresistible sight of you.

Surely, this is no reality?
Pray, this must be a charm!!
Love just came crashing down on me.
Never begging my attention
just stealing the emotions out of me.

How dare you teach me these florals?
How to call each flower by its name
and hang on to weeny petals in summer…

What’s that slow beat I feel?
Where’s my heart that once palpitated
like that of a horse’s?
It’s too comfy here!!
I’m a warrior… I don’t do comforts
Rise up, dying heart, fight these feelings…
For love is for weaklings
and yet I’m too fierce to fall.

What are your eyes doing now?
I feel I was shielded from those arrows
but they keep aiming for my heart.
Every shot is never missed…
It keeps hitting the single dot
I have come to call my own.
Someone call me a doctor…
I need prescriptions
to be rid of this fever of love.

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