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Genotype Won

“C’mon Juliet! We do not match biologically,” Tony said for the hundredth time.

I get totally pissed whenever he says that.

“Seriously Tee? You’ve always known us not to be biologically compatible, but you still went ahead to make me fall for you over and over again? You still didn’t leave me alone? You still didn’t stop professing your love for me? You still kept giving me hope that there was a future for us? You still made love to me? You still led me on? For six whole years Tony!” I went on and on till I got blinded by my tears.

“And now you feel it’s right to end it this way? Tee? Why?”

At this point, I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran out of his apartment as his voice called out my name. I locked my car as soon as I entered and started afresh to cry.
This was my six years old boyfriend. We have always known we didn’t match biologically, but we let our feelings lead us.

“When we get to that bridge, we will cross it,” he would always say, “we can still produce babies whose genotypes were AA.”

I had come over to spend the weekend at his place when I brought up the issue of settling down.

“Hon, when are we making our relationship official?” I started with this as I couldn’t think of a better way to start.

He suddenly felt uneasy. I had no idea it would make him feel so. I am thirty-four years old and not getting any younger. We were both employed and earned
enough to start up a family.

“Julie,” he started with a tone that caused my tummy to rumble a bit, “you are a very nice lady any man would want to have beside him for the rest of his life.”

Wait a minute, this line is so familiar, I thought within me. Yes! Kenneth used it when he wanted to breakup with me. That was ten years ago. Things like this can’t repeat itself, can it? I kept fighting with my thoughts.

“I am very sorry Julie,” he said slowly bringing me out of my thoughts.

“I don’t understand Tee, why are you apologizing?” I asked looking surprised. I then realized I wasn’t listening to his speech.

“I can’t marry you Juliet,” he repeated himself, “the genotype issue… Julie, I can’t risk it.”

You can’t cry Juilet! Don’t you dare shed a tear! I kept telling myself.

“Seriously Tee? What happened to having AA-genotyped babies? What happened to foetal genotyping?” I finally found my voice.

“C’mon Juilet!” he said harshly, “lets be reasonable here. What if we never get AA-genotyped babies? What happens when you keep flushing out the SS-genotyped babies and there is a side effect. Besides you are not getting any younger.”

“Don’t do this Anthony,” I said as I let the tears flow.

I didn’t know which hurts the more. The breakup or the reason for the breakup.

Genotype won.

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