The Spoken Word Artiste

Like a blade of grass the sun shines and scolds the rain.
The moon walks its slivery eyes,
The sky showcases its bright colours,
And thunder strikes
All to announce my captivating presence.

My logo is faster than petrol,
I stand correct and breath out my words,
I am the author of my story,
Come see my glory.

I am a spoken word artist
I deals with lot of tactics,
I am somebody of amazing talent ,
I speak in every ascent, thanks to the linguistic spirit in me.

I am never skeptical,
My words are electrical ,
Like a trickster they play unimaginable tricks.

I am the glass with glints and flashes,
The flash that renew your minds.

In me lies the colours of rainbows,
Rainbows in words,
Like a pro I spit them out colours by colours,
Words by words.

Like an orchard my words produce forth fruit that never goes sour,
Adorable words pour forth from my gracious lips like juice falling from sweet petals.

I know my worth and the magnificence of my essence,
I knew there were powerful words in me
I needed to pour forth,

My words pour forth like a drink brewed by nature and perfected by men,
I am enough of an artist to write freely on my imaginations.

My words are carefully roasted by fire;
Mixed with the purest flow of energy .

I am the spoken word artist,
Every letter I remember,
Every syllable I murmur,
All to the flag we adore.

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