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Summer Rose (Part 2)

Continued from last part…

Daniel Efe was driving home at a snail’s pace, battling with the striking rain that slammed against the windshield of his car. A call came into his phone, it was from Mr. Kunle, his private investigator. He slid his hand into pocket and took out the phone.


“It’s me, Kunle. If you really want answers to your questions, then I suggest you go home now without delay.”

The caller immediately hung up before Daniel could utter another word. He stepped on the gas at once; the night seemed darker than usual and his headlights could barely illuminate the desolated roads. Suddenly, a figure darted in front of his car like a flash, he slammed on the brakes and halted at the edge of a pavement. He clung on to the steering wheel and his heart began pounding. When his pulse slowed, he opened the car door and rushed towards the figure he had knocked down.

“I’m really very sorry for my reckless driving. My name is Daniel, please let me take you to a nearby hospital.”

She struggled to stand amidst winces. “I don’t need your help!”

She clutched at her purse and limped into the dark streets. He wasn’t able to see her face in the dark. His conscience nagged him as drove off.


Daniel made his way into his apartment, he heard voices coming from the bedroom upstairs and he hurriedly climbed up the stairs. He entered the bedroom unnoticed and what he saw dumbfounded him. His beloved wife was lying in with a strange man, with the both of them unclad. They both seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. His jaw dropped in amazement.

“Good lord!”

His voice jerked the young man off the bed, he picked up his clothes and dashed out of the room. He stared at her for a while.

“Ada, why did you do it?”

Too ashamed to speak, she abruptly ran out of the house. As she ran out, her hurried footsteps sounded across the apartment as the door opened—and closed.


On getting home, Rose shut the door behind her and bolted it with trembling hands. She slid her back down the door in despair. She found it difficult to lift her weary eyes. She felt as though her soul was somewhere else on the astral plane. Her mind kept on replaying the whole event that occurred at the restaurant. His words reverberated in her head.

Her apartment had suddenly become dark. She stood up and moved languorously to her wine cellar. She took out a bottle of scotch, her hand shook as she grabbed it and poured it into a glass.

It seemed like her room was twirling. She feebly moved closer to her bed and sunk into it. She shut her eyes so tight that hot tears escaped from them; she let them flow freely. She drew a deep steady breath and gave out a loud cry in pain. She shut her eyes and allowed sleep to take her.

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