Once Upon a Time

With the sun patting our backs,
the day’s toil may nod only triumphantly.

With beads of foetid sweats,
let tales of men
whose struggles are true and pure
be sung strong.

With a world growing lazier,
where are the youths
we once were proud to beat our chests for?

Where are the youths
who once farmed the lands?
The lads who once carried their parents
high on strong, bare shoulders?

The ones who held their homes
in ‘one’ strong but loving grip
and pulled the fears of loved ones
down with the ‘other’?

Where are the women,
who once knew, by heart the lyrics
to a starved stomach?

The ones who knew
the mazes leading to
a man’s heart by one direction?

Where were boys
who once played the ogenes
and beat to the ancestral drums
of our once boisterous lands?

Where were women,
whose waists wriggled wickedly
to these ephemeral folklores?

I ask again:

Where are men who
cared for their mothers
and have never forgotten
the breasts which nurtured them?

Where are women who
watched over their fathers
and always sit in their Obis
at the beck of the evenings
to hear the wise words of the aged?

They all are gone!
They now walk to the tunes of civilization
and dance to the songs of westernization.

Let us weep..
A moment of silence…
For what has been lost.
But what has been lost
can be found!

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