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Cuatro Bebes.

The play room. The coloured wall.
Painted pink. Yellow polkadot.
The cribs. Cuatro bebes.
Toys on the floor. Scattered room.
Screams. Shouts here and there.
Evening. Dinner. Cereal. Tallarines.
Plastic spoons and forks. Water.
Toothbrushes. Toothpaste. Water.
Bathroom. Soaps and sponges.
Hot or cold water. Hot. Laughs.
Bathe the four children. Towels. Powder.
Two babies. Two nappies.
Two little children. Pyjamas for four.
Tuck kids in beds. Bedtime stories.
Cantar una canción. A lullaby.
Goodnight my darlings. Mummy loves you.

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