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The Dumb Ox (Episode Five)

Continued from the last part…

I was not ready to say a word to Mom about Dad and Uduak. I could now access Google and a whole lot of others in the comfort of my room with Deji’s assistance. Deji was a graduate of Ambrose Ali University where he studied Computer Engineering. The economic situation of the country forced him into my house to work as an errand boy and as my driver.

His comely looks and well-shaved beards leaves me tripping; he was not too slim, chocolate and ever smiling, he treated me like his son. I enjoyed his warm embrace, I don’t ever want to leave him whenever he embraces me.

The night was cold, it had just finished raining, the clock said it was 1:30am. Daddy had long slept, I needed a person to hold me. I tiptoed to Deji’s room with my laptop. I didn’t need to knock. I tiptoed into the room so that I wouldn’t be noticed by either Daddy or Uduak. Deji didn’t lock his door, so I got in with ease.

Boom! He was still awake starring at his Google box with maximum concentration. I was surprised to see Deji seeing a pornographic video late in the night. He didn’t notice my presence, as he was too engrossed in what he was watching. I sat on the bed which was on the floor, I couldn’t resist watching what was being displayed on the video.

I saw Deji’s pintle standing straight and I could feel mine getting hard and straight at the same time. I enjoyed the video that I was watching. Deji noticed my presence when I moved my feet against the table. His face registered no surprise when he saw me, neither did he make any attempt to switch off his TV.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. I found myself lying on his lap and him responding with the caress that I need at that moment.

To be continued…

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