The flaming errand child of the kitchen ,
Fiercely spreading its one thousand fangs around the anus of the innocent pot.

It jingles the food to edibility and satisfies the hungry singing stomach of the starved.
It burns zealously under the innocent pot,
Daring a mortal to dip fresh flesh and escape a burn.

O! I pity the one who dares to surpass this tameless servant of ours,
Alas! That one will be visited with burns after burns,
He will screech in pains and be gone in a jiffy together with his gains.

An ancient current ,
Flowing steadily in a domesticated style like a stream,
A restless demonic fusion of heat begging to be released.

A furry of dangerous sparks attracting havoc;
Damaging humanity with its eyes closed.
A faithful servant suddenly turning into an ogre,
Sending humanity to sprout and crawl all in a bid for escape.

A quell of disgusting tremor accompanied with a treacherous speed of light,
Inviter of complexity, uncomfortability and deep melancholy.

A fusion of heat descending in full force,
Conjuring humanity to spontaneous fearful breath.

A gentle lad and a blitzing monster colliding spontaneously with fate;
Attracting a bitter grief and sure relief.
What an irony!

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