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A Moment in the Future

The gentle ray of the sun was dripping down from the blue sky, gifting the day with its warmness.

Somehow, I knew it was a Sunday. Wasn’t I supposed to know anyway? But how could I be in a Sunday whose preceding Saturday I had no memory of? Did I just move to the future? Perhaps.

I flashed gazes around, my white flowing gown still dancing in the gentle breeze, and my Bible firmly trapped beneath my armpit. I saw all of it and they were familiar. After all, I was still in the present.

I wasn’t rushing my steps. I was taking them one at a time, bouncing on top of my toes, which made my walking gait appear like that of a tout. It made me to wonder if we have female touts?

If I could manage to push through the throng of buyers and sellers in a while, I knew I would be making my way to the gigantic khaki-coloured gate that led to the barracks. I needed to see a friend, Ozioma. I called her Ozi for short. I normally went to visit her and it has always been on Sundays.

At Ozi’s house, we would make jokes and laugh at them. I enjoyed sitting with her and watch her lips move and twist, almost wrenching in its bid to mimic the way Azubuike talks. Azubuike; the army man who would have his hand pressed down on his bulging blokos whenever he stood in front of a beautiful damsel. The way she would let her mouth thrown wide open when she laugh intrigued me too. She was in fact, fun to be with.

Now, I was breathing barracks air, but I was uneasy sharing it with this army man who had just pulled me back forcefully to himself. We were so close that my breast were pushing against his chest. It felt as though my arm received a high volt of electric shock. It felt heavy and was too weak to free itself from his firm grip. I wanted to keep my cool even as his hot breath kept pushing against my face with my nose fighting off the stench of rotten egg that oozed from his mouth. But the monster in me was growing and taking form. My mind was stone hard to fight back today.

As soon as my wrist began to twist, finding ways to escape the grip that held it hostage, I caught Azubuike barreling in our direction. Even with the ring in the army man’s finger sinking deep into my flesh like thorns, I could still see all the excitement in the world gleaming in Azubuike’s face.

My throat tightened and I felt a pang of anger dropped down into my stomach, threatening to burn down the beans that I had eaten earlier. Azubuike was the last person I wanted in the case. But here he was, his belly shooting forward and his ass thrown backward as he rushed to us.

Realizing that there wasn’t anybody around, fear crept into my heart. It was just me, Azubuike, the other army man, and the mango tree towering the bungalow we were standing at the back of.

Before I could hear Azubike asked what was going on, his arms had already wrapped around my waist from behind. I felt the firmness of his grip around my tummy when I noticed my feet had left the ground, with my body levitating in mid-air.

With all the strength my tiny muscle had got, I gave his bald head a disappointing knock with my fist. He didn’t even flinch but continued to oppress my body with his grip. This earned him more thrashing, kicking and scratching. Finally, I slipped from his grip and fell to the hard concrete with a thud, which caused gas to break loose from my buttocks.

A whiff of the stench burned my nose but I was still hurting from the fall, so I paid no attention to it. Azubuike walked close and when he bent over to trap me to the ground, he did something I didn’t expect. I saw lines of frown spread across his face. He cupped his palm over his nose and without a word he ran away like a person who had seen a ghost.

All of a sudden, I opened my eyes to the thick darkness and to the sound of breaking glasses. Some moment later, I understood I was now lying on a soft mattress in my birthday suit. I groped in the dark and somehow got to my phone. Tapping on the screen, it said it was a Friday and the time was 5:30am.

I got up and made for the light switch only to find him sprawling on the floor when the florescent bulb shone brightly, with shards of broken glass littered around him. It was later that I learned that he ran into the glass pane in the room because he was trying to escape from my tormenting fart which I thought went off in my dreams.

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