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The Dumb Ox (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

It was an experience I wouldn’t want to talk about, seeing my father, a well respected man in the society and a bank manager lying and pounding our chef. I took daddy to be puritanical. The whole thing was just perplexing and disappointing to me. Daddy of all people!

It was disappointing to see daddy having an affair with a woman who wasn’t half of mom’s standard. As I shouted and fell backwards, Daddy sprang up from the bed, with his thing dangling in-between his legs. I managed to get up my feet and ran towards my room.

He raged in fury. I’ve never seen daddy so angry like that. He followed me.

Nonyelum!! Nonyelum!! He shouted as he ran after me. He slammed the door of my room and pounced on me like an angry wolf. My dad had never lifted a finger on me since I was born; I was stunned as blows kept landing on my face. He left me when he was satisfied. I never knew he was a beast, I couldn’t walk.

Globules of tears kept dropping down my cheeks, the world became sour for me, I cursed my existence. Daddy of all people, I picked up the phone and tried dialing my mom,l. But I couldn’t as I thought that wouldn’t be the best option. I managed to limp to Deji’s room, and like always he welcomed me with open arms. He nursed me like a kid. I lay in his arms as he massaged my skin. I slept in his arms and that was the beginning of my ordeal as my world ripped apart.

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