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The Doom of War

Man’s greatest enemy is war. It is an incident of great pain and sorrow, where the cold hands of death steal men, women and children from the earth at will.

A time when the sound of guns and bombs become alarms that wake people up in the mornings and lullabies that put people to sleep at night. People go to sleep in fear, having an eye open and with their hearts in their hands, as they live each day waiting for the god of death to knock on their doors.

It is a period when people clamour endlessly and run helter skelter to unknown destinations for shelter. You find a million eyes searching through crowds for loved ones who are either dead, lost or taken captive by the enemy.

Families are scattered and plunged in an abyss of pain and suffering, with bitterness inflamed in the hearts of everyone.

It is a dreadful experience where underaged boys are forcefully taken to become soldiers during the flower of their youths, to fight in a battle that they know nothing about.

A lethal period when fathers and sons embark on journeys of no-return. When men act like furious lions, slaughtering each other brutally like animals for survival and power. Swords are thrusted into men and wounds penetrate to the marrows of theirs bones. You hear infinite sounds of bodies thudding and the grotty sight of blood flowing. When lands drink the blood of men and lands develop unsatiated and unquenchable taste for blood.

A point in time when the bodies of men are burnt and roasted, the debris of men are scorched by the sun and washed away by rain. The carcass of men are left to rot on battlefields and feasted upon by bloodthirsty vultures. An era when the god of death jubilates.
Houses and marketplaces get burnt to the ground. Smokes, ashes and dusts fill the air and travel through the skies. People are rendered homeless and children become orphans.

It is a period when people are abandoned by their gods, women are raped and some are taken as booties of war. People are sold and enslaved, they have tears for breakfast, sorrow for lunch and pain for supper. During the heat of war, enmity creeps into families, brothers turn against each other for selfish gains. And then you realize that your brother is the leader in your enemies’ tent. Sons of the land become spies in their own land, and brothers conspire with the enemies to bring their brothers down.

And the men in power showcase their irrationality by sending all resources into the production of armory and arsenals rather than for for survival, thereby neglecting the health of men, women and children.
Those in power place victory over survival. ‘Victory’ measured by the number of men butchered, held captive and enslaved. And men drink to their ‘glory’ at the end of battles, oblivious of the women widowed and rendered childless, the children made orphans and lineages that have been cut short.

War begets war. It is an experience that lingers in the hearts of men even after it has ended. It is never the best measure for the settlement of disputes between lands. War is disastrous and it depreciates the fertility of lands. And if not well ended, it travels from generation to generation. Disputes should be settled amicable without bloodshed. We only have one life to live, we should safeguard it properly and think well before we act.

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