Beware, Do Not Read!

If I must make a warning,
Then I should warn a lady
Who replicates a beautiful garden,
A lady of the pink flower realm,
Whom her scent bewitches hungry bees.

Hey young lady!
Yes, you,
Stop right there,
Do not read this poem!

This is a kidnap poem,
A maze,
If you are reading…

It will blind your eye with sweet ironies,
And steal you away along the path of iambics,
It’ll bring you here in a world of sweet imagery
Or perhaps a beautiful garden where the sands
shine so bright like pixie dusts.

This poem will steal your heart away,
Turn you into a fairy
While you fly away into the second star,
It’ll play with your soul like a pun,
And turn you into a beautiful flower like a simile.

This poem will lure you into a mirror,
Where you’ll gaze on both sides,
And ask for a ransom of dictions,
Lose you in a maze of stanzas,
And play a sorrowful dirge to your ears

Now that you have been kidnapped,
Now that you are lost amidst these lines,
You shall tell no one—what you’ve seen.
For you were warned it’s a kidnap poem,
And I’m the poet…

If you were kidnapped by these lines, say help!

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  1. Help!

    Your poem is so beautiful! I love how you use the names of several literary devices without missing the flow. It reminds me of the poem, ‘How Teenage Girls are Like Poetry’ by Sophie Priceman. Welldone, Festus.

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