Man’s Failure

Mankind has failed,
He has failed in what he was brought for,
He has failed in uniting all nations.

Mankind has failed,
He goes after worthless desires,
He forgets his origins.

Mankind has fallen,
Our planet is in utter destruction,
Our world is once again under siege.

I stand in the middle of the field,
Midpoint of the continents,
Surrounded by water,
The corpses of our able-bodied men,
Lay scattered atop the graves of their wives,
Swimming in pools of blood,
In endless fights, in lasting wars,
Fights for supremacy and power,
Wars for sovereignty and dominion.

The land has been stained,
Voices of the Innocent crying for vengeance,
The lowly slayed, their children slaughtered,
Because of man’s greed and corruption.

Mankind has failed,
Our leaders are like mad dogs,
Scavenging and ravaging like beasts,
With no sense of reasoning,
They live controlled by the lust for power.

Mankind has failed,
Our children now waggle in immorality,
Their parents characterized by irresponsibility,
Our youth now become walking corpses,
Controlled by gadgets and inanimate beings,
Our old no longer see their prime.

Man has failed,
His achievement now against him,
His only success has turned to his worse creation,
They succeed on land, air and sea,
Yet they destroy and kill thousands,
Civilization has led to death and drought,
Modernization has caused the rot of man’s mind,
Technology has destroyed our natural habitat,
All these are man’s achievement,
Turning out to be agents of destruction.

The land is full of carcasses and casualties,
The rivers are flowing with blood,
The air is filled with the smell of danger,
The land is crying out,
For intervention, for mercy, for vengeance.

Mankind has failed,
Man’s excesses are horrible,
Mankind has failed to keep the rules of creation,
Mankind has gone against the law of life,
Mankind has failed,
He has failed in his duty.

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