Sometimes weak is strength;
when you are at arms length;
when the kisses are all spent;
when the feelings are all bent.

“It doesn’t feel right
but it taste good.”
Well, you need a fight
to escape that mood.
You’ll be called weak
for running all week.

“Go get her! She is so hot!”
your heart says so, but
that’s the devil’s soup in a pot.
You won’t be satisfied after that meal.

Tempting lips,
sumptuous hips;
she is irresistible.
Fragile grips,
brittle flips;
he is strongly incapable.

Being tagged weak,
doesn’t mean you are weak.
Even a helpless freak,
still got values to reach the peak.

Get it right,
you did right;
when you chose right,
for being weak for the right.

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