The village was my heart
I couldn’t stand it breaking apart
The people
I love
Their border
I protect with all I’ve got
I was more than an army
The village was my family
Their farms and lands
I protected and fought for
Like they were mine

But then
Some folks came
In a strange skin
Attractively white
With promise of a higher level of security and a better life
The village didn’t realize
They were the devil in disguise
It was too late
When I tried to save them
The villagers had already become their slaves
One man for an iron
That was the trade

They took Ajoke
My heartbeat
My heart skipped beats on every whip
They made her neck go down to her hips
I spoke but not an ear listened
And when I took actions
I became the village enemy
The king’s order stated
That I be casted out and into the dry lands
Where food never grows and the sky never drop it tears on
Without tears
A day never passed
And when I passed away

The tears I cried became the waters in beach
Melancholy and heartbreak is why it’s salty
My anger and grief are expressed through the strong waves
Izinanya the chief priest
Tell my story to the village
Tell the villagers not to come for a drink when thirsty
Lest they become meal for the deity
Tell the villagers not to come for food
Lest I visit then in flood
I’m not water to provide food nor quench their taste
But a punishment for their betrayal and mistakes

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