The Psychology of Life

The Psychology of Life

I have come to a conclusion on an assignment I did run on mere psychology
Although it took some time and caution like I was examined on mycology
It’s nice, but to a fault on the degree you show women your likeness
‘Cause left with no value, their actions alone can make you restless

For their comfort, you spend just to secure in their heart a greater percentage
Like a fool you loose value and they would just want to take your advantage
In their demand, if you don’t meet up, you will be considered to be too stingy and callous
The next they do is to strategize and plan on some acts that would make you feel jealous

I have set up a standard and some measures only for those who wish to abide
Wake up! The beauty that blinded you and that urge, just place them aside
Stories you shall hear, just keep focus, be determined and act like you are carefree
It will lessen the burden, ease the pain and a part of you will at least feel stress free

At some point , they shall feel weak and will think they have lost some attention
A little time spent then will be cherished and when gone you will be missed like you went on vacation You will be close enough but the distance will look like you are far from the North
By then your words and actions will be valued and will tend to possess a great worth

At a time , they shall understand your worth and they would start to worry
Then is the perfect time to make them recall the start and watch them say “I AM SORRY”
Make a perfect decision , never create malice and watch as you restore your lost glory
Be confident in this assignment, you will smile and you will definitely share your story

Learn to look forward , manage the pressure , have a target and face your dream
Control your emotions, strive in hard works and your success would flow like a stream
This isn’t a prediction, am working with a solid evidence gotten down from the root
NO OFFENCE AND MISCONCEPTIONS, it’s just a message from a man of the truth.

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