My Worst Nightmare

A cold hearted murderer who enjoys suppression
Leaving humans in a state to crave for suicide
In full determination, digging their grave side
The ceiling caught his eyes as he coldly romanced a table knife
In mixed feelings, diverted minds he thought about ending his own life
Forgetting the hard works and prayers of a hopeful parent
all because there seemed to be no money to pay rent
Think about some accident victims and what makes them scream
They can’t behold losing some abilities that pilot their dream
Perhaps the scenario had already given a false picture
And they have always wished for a blossom future

Some situations might compete to leave your eyes soaked in tears
Courageously fight and believe you can approach all fears
Always remain focused and try to maintain your vision
Remember you were sent to the world to fulfil a mission

Never allow your emotion direct your mind to do evil
Those imaginations could be the works of the devil
Try not to forget, nothing on earth is worth dying for
Target your pursuit, appreciate your life and crave for more

No matter the tribulations, learn to have hope
Not minding the condition, always try to cope
Be prayerful, continue to meditate on the sacred words
Just do your part, then leave the rest to God

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